Google-owned Big Tech giant YouTube sanctimoniously awarded its own CEO with a “Free Expression” award, despite their dangerously steep censorship track record.

Does it get any more ironic?

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was given the free speech award in a virtual ceremony held by the company’s own Freedom Forum Institute last week.

Worse, in a clip where Wojcicki receives the award, introducers parade the platform’s approach to striking a balance between allowing free speech and “extremism.”

In her acceptance speech, the CEO brags about YouTube’s valiant “community guidelines” to supposedly protect free speech by cracking down on “dangerous content.”

Once again, the Left celebrates themselves for their “freedom for me, but not for thee” approach to speech on online platforms.

If you think about this from the perspective of a Liberal who’s bought every piece of propaganda these Big Tech companies have ever pushed justifying their censorship efforts, it makes sense—although in a twisted way.

Brainwashed people believing the idea that conservatives are a violent threat to everyone around them likely do praise YouTube as a beacon of free expression given that the platform cracks down on so much as a hint of dissension.

But everyone else who lives in reality understands that YouTube provides anything but freedom when it comes to discussing politics or the coronavirus.

Any conservative or free-thinking person who has ever attempted to dispute the mainstream narrative agreed upon by Big Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats on YouTube knows that free expression does not exist on YouTube at all. They will waste no time in striking, suspending, or removing your content or banning your page.

Furthermore, they completely banned Trump, his campaign, and thousands of other conservative accounts.

If you so much as dare allege there was widespread voter fraud or that the election was stolen, YouTube explicitly vows to eliminate your content.

The platform’s community guidelines on elections clearly states, “Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of any past U.S. presidential election,” is a “deceptive practice” that will not be tolerated.

YouTube’s extensive community guidelines on the coronavirus state you cannot encourage the use of home remedies, promote the use of Hydroxychloroquine, make claims questioning the vaccine, or question face mask wearing for any reason. Those are just a few of the dozens of restrictions on the conversation surrounding the coronavirus narrative.

Clearly, YouTube opposes free speech for anyone except the Left, but it’s not a surprise that they would see no better candidate to award than themselves.


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