Andrew Yang just proved that just because you’re smart and successful, it doesn’t mean you’re smart all the time.

Everybody has a “boneheaded moment” from time to time—present company included—and just because you’re one of the most successful entrepreneurs to come around in years doesn’t make you immune from these kinds of moments.

To be honest, Andrew Yang seems like a decent enough guy. While he may be a Liberal and he had some kooky ideas when he was running for the DNC presidential nomination, the fact is that, at his core, Andrew Yang seems like a good human being.

Being able to separate a person from their politics is important, especially in this incredibly divisive environment – and since he’s not a career politician like the other slime that was running for the nomination, it’s safe to say that Yang’s ideas were simply coming from the heart.

However, Yang is a bit naïve, it seems, to the evils that rise up when you make political decisions with your heart instead of your mind, and he just said something that may have just turned off a LOT of those considering voting for Biden.

Yang Reveals Biden’s “Super Power”

What did he say?

Well, nothing bad, really – just the truth…

But this truth is DANGEROUS.

While talking to Yahoo News, Yang said, “If someone like Joe [Biden} says, ‘Hey, we need to do things differently on the economy or on climate change,’ that also becomes the mainstream. It’s very powerful. I think Joe has those instincts where he doesn’t try and chime in on every new issue. In part, that will help him move the entire center of gravity. If you look at his proposal on addressing climate change, it was very aggressive and very ambitious, rightfully so, but by being Joe, it becomes the new reasonable. I think that Joe’s administration is going to be one of the most important administrations in decades, in terms of a need for a new New Deal.”

Do you see how dangerous that is?

If a mentally incompetent Joe has the ability to make progressive ideas like Universal Basic Income, Medicare For All, and open borders “mainstream,” that means that America is one step closer to allowing Marxism to be instituted in the United States.

Reagan once said, “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of Liberalism”…

And Yang is proving him right.

A year and a half ago, everybody in DC was making fun of AOC’s Green New Deal…

And now, it seems the entire throng of Democrats have come around to this whacky way of thinking and are starting to push it more and more.

Yang revealing this aspect of Biden’s planning is something that Conservatives haven’t thought about…

We see Joe as somebody who is easily manipulated and willing to concede to the Left and march to their drumbeat.

However, we never thought about the fact that he has the ability to make extremist ideas not seem so extreme…

That’s his superpower…

And it goes to show how big of a threat a Biden win would be to the soul of the United States of America.

If It Looks Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Communist

It’s the beginning of socialism…

So much so, that they’re already beginning to use the terms of socialistic societies of the past and recruiting labor leaders to ensure they’re able to gain that power.

Union leader Richard Tromka shows us an example of this, demonstrating why labor unions are useful tools to getting the world to change course towards this “group think.”

Tromka said, “The platform that is about to come out will be the most progressive worker-oriented platform any political party’s ever put forward. I happen to be on the drafting committee. It takes care of workers. It takes care of the health and safety standards. It takes care of pensions. And it says that workers are the key to recovery,” he said. “In any kind of recession, there has to be consumer spending. When workers get a raise, the economy does better. Everybody does better along the way.”


Just like the Bolsheviks and their proletariat.

And make no mistake – socialism is the stepping-stone to communism, and Lenin revealed that it is the ULTIMATE goal of socialism.

If Joe can make socialism appeal to the masses…

We’re in trouble.

If you needed ANOTHER reason NOT to vote for Biden – well, here you go.

It’s getting serious, folks…

Don’t lose focus.


“How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.” ― Ronald Reagan