The mainstream media has been overlooking the mass killings of Iranian protestors by their tyrannical regime. The Iranian sympathizers in the American media covered the large crowds that assembled for the funeral of the late General Soleimani. Their implication is that the Iranian people support the Mullahs and all hate America.

ABC News’s Martha Raddatz donned a (mandatory) headscarf and walked among the “massive and emotional” crowds of mourners. She declared that the Iranian people were “united against America.”

The world has turned its back on the brave Iranians who have been slaughtered in cold blood protesting the Iranian regime.

If the media had one ounce of integrity in their bones, they would change their faulty narrative and lead with the story from the article I wrote last month:

“The violence committed by the Islamic regime in Iran is worse than was first reported.

Widespread protests began a few weeks ago due to a large increase in fuel prices set by the government. The protests have also been influenced by a flagging economy.

US sanctions have devastated the Iranian economic landscape. The Iranian regime brought it on themselves with their state sponsorship of terrorism and the development of nuclear weapons.

Now the State Department is estimating that 1,000 protesters have been killed and many more have been wounded.

A particularly horrifying event took place on November 16th in which protestors were surrounded and massacred in cold blood.

Brian Hook, the Special envoy to Iran told reporters the following:

‘On November 16th, protests were spreading throughout the country. In Mahshahr, a city in southwest Iran, a number of Iranian demonstrators blocked a road,’ Hook said. ‘Without warning, the IRGC opened fire on the protesters, killing several people.  Many of the protesters fled to nearby marshlands to escape.’

‘The IRGC tracked them down and surrounded them with machine guns mounted on trucks. They then sprayed the protesters with bullets,’ Hook continued. ‘Between the rounds of machine-gun fire, the screams of the victims can be heard. In this one incident alone, the regime murdered as many as a hundred Iranians and possibly more. When it was over, the regime loaded the bodies into trucks. We do not yet know where these bodies went, but we are learning more and more about how the Iranian regime treats its own people.’

Hook also went on to describe the inhumane conditions at an Iranian penitentiary:

‘The Great Tehran Penitentiary is known for its inhumane living conditions, which consist of unsanitary and crowded corridors, rodent infestations, insufficient food, water, and medical care,’ Hook said. ‘We have seen reports that protesters have been subject to abuse and mistreatment during interrogations, arbitrary beatings, and rape. Qarchak Prison is Iran’s largest women’s prison, and also holds many members of religious minority communities. It too is known for unbearable conditions, including regular assaults and inappropriate behavior of prison guards towards women, chronic lack of water, unsanitary living spaces, and an environment that enables rape and murder.’

The other day, I wrote about the situation in Iran and how President Trump should not make the same mistake with regards to Iran as Barack Obama did in 2009 during the Green Movement protests.

Since that article was published, Trump has come out in support of the Iranian protesters.

He tweeted, “The United States of America supports the brave people of Iran who are protesting for their FREEDOM. We have under the Trump Administration, and always will!”

The situation in Iran continues to escalate. Iran is a dangerous nation hell-bent on destroying the West. They are a threat that can’t be overlooked.

If the kill their own people, imagine what they would do to us. It’s a scary thought.

President Trump is doing the right thing by standing with the Iranian protesters.

Like the people in Hong Kong, the freedom marchers in Iran are being ignored by much of the world. It is a sad situation in which thousands more will likely die and nobody seems to care.

However, we here at FreedomWire care and will continue to print the truth about the atrocities of the Iranian regime.