On Tuesday, President Trump delivered his State of the Union Address. In the address, Trump highlighted many of his achievements, including the efforts he’s made to increase the economic successes of minorities and women.

Trump has delivered for the minority community unlike any president in recent times; the stats back this statement up. It is an outrageous slander made by the Dems that Trump is a racist. If he is a racist, he is really bad at it. His approval rating is rising within the African American community, and that should make Democrats nervous. Trump won the election in 2016 with just 8% of the African American vote; his approval rating has risen to 22% since then. If this trend holds, he will coast to a blowout victory in November.

Trump highlighted the economic gains of minorities during his address. He said, “The unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans have reached the lowest levels in history. African-American youth unemployment has reached an all-time low. African-American poverty has declined to the lowest rate ever recorded.

The unemployment rate for women reached the lowest level in almost 70 years—and last year, women filled 72 percent of all new jobs added. The veterans’ unemployment rate dropped to a record low. The unemployment rate for disabled Americans has reached an all-time low. Workers without a high school diploma have achieved the lowest unemployment rate recorded in United States history. A record number of young Americans are now employed.”

The Democrats’ new magic trick is trying to convince Americans that the economy isn’t as good as they think it is, and African Americans are one of their primary targets.

It’s not working. Gallup published a survey in which the headline reads: “Record-High Optimism on Personal Finances in U.S.” The numbers don’t lie.

Gallop reported the following:

“Americans’ views on their personal financial situation have been climbing since 2018 and are now at or near record highs in Gallup’s trends. Nearly six in 10 Americans (59%) now say they are better off financially than they were a year ago, up from 50% last year…

About three in four U.S. adults (74%) predict they will be better off financially a year from now, the highest in Gallup’s trend since 1977…

Americans’ levels of optimism about both their current financial situation and where it will be a year from now are at or near record highs. These views align with President Donald Trump’s contention that Americans are doing better under his presidency, and with his use of the economy and job growth as key selling points for his reelection

Despite the successes that minorities have had and the optimism of Americans generally, the Democrats want convince Americans that the economy isn’t in a good place. In their minds, Americans are too dumb to realize what they can clearly see in their own bank accounts.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer tried to convince Americans that they were worse off than they believed during the Democrat response to Trump’s State of the Union.

She said, “It’s pretty simple. Democrats are trying to make your health care better. Republicans in Washington are trying to take it away,” Whitmer said in prepared remarks. “It doesn’t matter what the president says about the stock market. What matters is that millions of people struggle to get by or don’t have enough money at the end of the month after paying for transportation, student loans, or prescription drugs.”

She repeated the Democrats nauseating mantra: “We are going to build an economy that works for everyone.”

Most Americans are satisfied with the economy as it stands. Democrat policies will stifle their optimism and harm minority communities. The data doesn’t lie.