The famous 1972 visit to China made by then-President Richard Nixon was considered—correctly—a watershed moment in the history of the modern world.

But just because it was a historic event doesn’t mean it was a good one for the United States.

The former strict socialist planned economy of the Mao Zedong era unleashed death and poverty never seen on such a grand scale before or since.

In just four years from 1958-1962, Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” economic plan resulted in the deaths of an incomprehensible number of people. Historians claim that as many as 45 million Chinese died under Mao’s disastrous economic boondoggle.

Overall, during Mao’s reign, it is estimated that 65 million Chinese died under the socialist-authoritarian system of the Chinese Communist Party.

Following his death, the Chinese began to turn away from a strictly government-planned economy and became something of a hybrid between the Chinese Communist party and private, particularly foreign, businesses.

China Changes

It was Mao’s successor, Deng Xiaoping, whose decisions led to the greatest possible reduction in poverty in human history.

According to Britannica, “China’s peasant farmers were given individual control over and responsibility for their production and profits, a policy that resulted in greatly increased agricultural production within a few years of its initiation in 1981.

Deng stressed individual responsibility in the making of economic decisions, material incentives as the reward for industry and initiative, and the formation of cadres of skilled, well-educated technicians and managers to spearhead China’s development.

He freed many industrial enterprises from the control and supervision of the central government and gave factory managers the authority to determine production levels and to pursue profits for their enterprises. In foreign affairs, Deng strengthened China’s trade and cultural ties with the West and opened up Chinese enterprises to foreign investment.”

Sadly, Deng called in the military to violently put down the largest pro-democracy movement of the communist era in China in 1989, resulting in the famed Tiananmen Square massacre.

He was far from perfect.

Deng’s legacy lives to this very day. China continues to have a hybrid public/private owned economy and Deng’s liberalization of trade with the West has brought many American corporations to China’s shores.

And, honestly, there can be no denying that American consumers and American corporations have benefited from the increased globalization of trade.

However, those benefits have come at the expense of American manufacturing jobs and threats to America’s national security. America’s corporations are providing trade secrets and materials to an enemy that would love to overtake us. This is a problem.

American Corporations Get Involved

American corporations have been providing technology and military equipment to a regime that may someday turn around and use that very equipment and technology against us.

These corporations have been put under the spell of the Chinese Communists.

They have sold their souls to a regime that has approximately one million Muslims locked in internment camps, oppresses Tibetans, suppresses Christians, and is building a military hellbent on surpassing the capability of the United States Military.

I am a lifelong defender of the free market, but national security must trump economic interests every time. American corporations are helping plant the seeds of their own destruction, but they are too addicted to the economic benefits of doing business with China to see that.

Corporations such as Google, General Electric, Honeywell, Apple, defense contractor Raytheon, and so many more have become the pawns in the long-term world domination chess strategy of China.

They are being played like a fiddle and they don’t even realize it.

But rather than condemn China and demand human rights reforms in exchange for continuing to do business with them, these companies instead condemn the United States for supposed systemic racism.

Think about how messed up that is for a moment.

These woke corporations celebrate the Communist authoritarian regime in China, where there is no democracy, while out of the other side of their mouth they attack the United States, where any American of age is allowed to vote.

This is astounding. What happened to patriotic corporations?

American Weakness, Chinese Profit

China has duped them and has duped the United States for decades, and former President Trump was the only president to really recognize that we were being ripped off, which is why he actually did something about it.

Now we have Joe Biden as president and he has yet to show any backbone against the Chinese. The CPP senses weakness in our aging president and they are moving to exploit his frailness for their own benefit.

If Joe Biden wants to take a stand against China, he will go to his corporate friends and encourage them to put country over profits and bring jobs preferably back to America, or at least somewhere that values human rights.

Sadly, Hell will freeze over before he does that.

Sanctions and/or outright barring American businesses from partnering with China need to be options for Biden to consider.

If consumers have to pay more for goods that are produced currently in China, so be it.

The time has come to take a stand against the radical Chinese…before it’s too late.

So, what’s it going to be, woke corporations? Country or profit?

The ball is in your court.