This Sunday night is the final episode of the groundbreaking and hugely popular HBO series, “Game of Thrones.”

For eight years the shows millions of loyal fans (including yours truly) have watched with bated breath as their favorite characters triumphed and faltered. No character was safe on the show. The first season saw the beheading of the main character, Ned Stark. From that point on, viewers knew that this wasn’t your father’s T.V. drama.

That is what lent so much drama to the show, at any time you never knew who might be killed next. It could be your favorite character. The show was intriguing because each of the main characters was plotting their way to the throne by manipulating and deal-making. The characters would do anything for the ultimate reward — absolute power.

Surprisingly, the show has a very conservative message — the show’s view of human nature matches that of conservative thinkers.

The Founding Fathers of our country understood that human nature could not be perfected. They understood that even well-intentioned leaders could be corrupted by power, which is why they designed our government the way they did. They were just as afraid of an angry mob as they were of a power-hungry leader. That is why they did not make America a Democracy, but rather, a Republic.

Liberals have a misguided view of human nature: They believe man can be perfected through force. By using the powers of government, liberals believe that a utopian society can be obtained where everyone is unselfish and loving. Ambition can be counteracted by replacing it with the love of the collective.

Basically everyone will just sit around in a giant drum circle and sing about peace and love while listening to the Grateful Dead.

Except that it has never and will never happen.

If there is one constant in life, it is that power always corrupts, as the famous maxim by Lord Action said.

“Game of Thrones” Is a Conservative Show

Despite the fact that the show is run by liberals, the message of the show if very conservative.

Spoiler alert: On last Sunday’s show, Daenerys Targaryen, unleashed her dragon on the capitol of the Seven Kingdoms — King’s Landing.

From the first episode of season one, the show portrayed Daeny as a benevolent ruler on the quest to protect the people of the seven kingdoms from tyrants.

Indeed, it did seem like her motives were pure. However, good intentions gave way to personal ambition. As Daenerys gained more power, she became more paranoid about those around her.

Just like every other tyrant in history, she saw a conspiracy around every corner and became jealous of her love interest (and nephew) Jon Snow.

All these events culminated in her actions during last week’s episode. Her army had no problem defeating Queen Cersei’s army and that should have been the end of the episode. However, the power she wielded with her dragon was intoxicating, and she couldn’t resist burning all of King’s Landing to the ground. She started out well-intentioned and ended up being the epitome of the leader she claimed to oppose.

This is a great tale of the dangers of power and the ability of power to corrupt the best amongst us. The liberal producers and writers had no idea that this was the message they were conveying to viewers. The episode could easily be shown to a high school government class when discussing the framing of our government.

If only the seven kingdoms had such a constitution, thousands would still be alive.