Virginia’s new Lieutenant Governor says that her election PROVES America is about freedom, claims “the Democrats really don’t have the solutions.”

It seems America is waking up to how destructive Democrat policies and ideologies can be.

We’re seeing first-hand what happens when the Left is in control of our country…and it’s been a disaster for the Left.

I would say watching the Democrats try to run our country is a lot like watching the Keystone Cops or the Three Stooges…but that might be an insult to those two groups. They actually seem way more competent than our Legislative and Executive branches right now.

And I wish that was a joke…

Watching our government right now is as saddening as it is angering.

And apparently, we’re not the only ones to notice this.

After years under Democrat control, Virginia decided to put an end to its allegiance to the DNC and turned their state Red, electing Republicans as their governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general on Tuesday.

This was a HUGE win for Conservatives and may have signaled an impending changing of the political atmosphere nationwide. Liberalism has dominated the state over the past 20 years, and the fact that Virginia Republicans were able to sweep these top leadership positions could mean America is waking up!

One of these GOP members has an incredible story to tell.

Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears is the exact kind of story you want to hear, both as a Conservative and as an American.

Winsome Sears: An Incredible American Story

Now, a lot of people are focusing on the fact that Winsome is the FIRST Black woman to be elected to the Lieutenant Governor’s post in the state’s history, and while that’s amazing, it’s not the whole story, nor is it the most important part.

Sears is an immigrant born in Kingston, Jamaica. She moved to the US when she was just six, grew up in the Bronx, and served her country as a United States Marine.

How great is that?

Sears’ character was also clearly shown by the fact that, before getting into politics, she was running a homeless shelter.

Funny how it’s always the Left that talks about “taking care of people” when their actions almost never match their words. In general, it’s Conservatives who actually follow through with doing what they say.

After her historic win, Sears appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the victory of the Youngkin ticket and explain why she ran as a Republican, and she intimated that it was because the Democrats were complacent about Black voters.

Why Winsome Aligned With The GOP

“The Democrats, they really don’t have the solutions. And so when you look at the Democrat-run cities, the Democrat-run counties, states, they are losing. The neighborhoods are the worst, the schools of the worst. Everything, it is the worst.”

And she’s right.

Just look at the mess in New York City right now. Citizens are throwing their trash onto Mayor Bill de Blasio’s lawn because there aren’t enough workers available to pick up the trash thanks to his vaccine mandate.

Take a look at crime rates in Minneapolis, MN, where the city council voted to abolish the police department. Violent crime is shooting through the roof!

Sears continued, “And so they moved from Democrat-led states, come to Republican-led states and they ruin it – forgetting that when you came here, it was fine and now it has changed because you brought the same policies with you that ruined the state you just left.”

This is 100% accurate.

These Democrats leave their home states after things fall apart there, and then move to a FREER state only to vote for the same policies that destroyed their home in the first place.

It just doesn’t make sense.

As far as Democrats taking the Black vote for granted, here’s what Sears had to say to explain why the GOP shellacked the DNC in Virginia.

“When you look at a birth certificate for a Black child, does it say you must vote Democrat every time, all the time?” Winsome asked. “Otherwise you are not Black? And for the white child, does it say you can vote any way that you want, any choice that you want, always and forever? Who made up those rules for us?”

We know who made up the “rules.” It’s Democrats who have tricked minorities into believing that they have their best interests at heart.

It’s the biggest lie in American politics, as Sears points out, that the whole idea of the United States was being FREE to choose your political allegiance.


“This is America, this is freedom. Who died and left you in charge of all of us as Black people so that we could be corralled into doing what you want us to do? I thought you said that you were the ‘tolerant’ folks. If you are tolerant, that means you will allow other ideas to percolate. You don’t want just ideas that you agree with, because then, you see, we wouldn’t be living in America, we would be living in a totally different country. Nobody wants that.”

“Nobody wants that,” is RIGHT!

Congratulations again to all the GOP winners in Virginia. Now that you’ve talked the talk, show the Left how to walk the walk!


“Don’t allow political parties to use whatever grievances that have been historically against you to force you to look at them as the savior so that they can swoop in and think they are saving you when all they are doing is pitting one race against the other, one race against of the other.” – Winsome Sears