The funniest thing about Trudeau’s Brown-gate fiasco is the fact that it shows just how hypocritical the Left truly is.

They love claiming how “woke” they are, claiming they’re sensitive to the woes of the world and problem pointing out the faults in others, yet when that karmic boomerang comes around and smacks them upside the head, they flounder like a bunch of hee-hawing donkeys.

Unfortunately for Trudeau…

Not only did that karmic boomerang come around to smack him, but it came around THREE times – and Canadians should be worried as to whether or not their Prime Minister has a concussion… or just happens to be a closet racist. Either way, things don’t look good.

That being said…

There are PLENTY of Canadians who are sick of the faux-Social Justice Warriors taking over their country, and they may want to make a change come the next election.

For as popular as Justin Trudeau is abroad, the fact remains that there are plenty of people in his country that don’t believe he’s done enough for Canadians or Canada in general.

Sick And Tired Of Social Justice

They’re looking for some new blood in the Great White North…

And that new blood may just have a little blue added to the red and white that they’re used to.

One of the biggest threats to Trudeau’s Prime Ministry just happens to be Andrew Scheer, a proud conservative who holds dual citizenship in Canada and the United States of America.

Scheer may soon renounce his American citizenship in order to fall in line with his party’s belief that party leaders – and especially the Prime Minister – should be Canadian through and through.

Which is respectable…

If you’re going to lead your country to prosperity, you should be all about your country – much like Trump is with America.

A Conservative party spokesman has said that Scheer and his siblings had received U.S. passports as children, as their father was a natural-born American and immigrated to Canada, but unlike his families and some former prominent Canadian politicians, Scheer has never renewed his as an adult.

“It was always my intention to do it,” he said.

We get it…

It must be a hard choice to choose not to be American anymore – but if you’re going to lead your country, it’s the best move you can make.

Of course, Scheer is being called out by his Liberal counterparts, as they feel he’s being hypocritical for calling out former leaders for holding dual citizenship while he’s done the same for decades.

In a statement by Liberal party spokeswoman Zita Astravas, his political rivals said as much: “Over a million Canadians hold dual citizenship – it’s part of what makes Canada great. But none have hidden that fact when running to be Prime Minister. Andrew Scheer has been fundamentally dishonest with Canadians about who he is.”

But make no mistake…

Whether he’s holding dual citizenship or not, Scheer is a conservative through and through.

Canada Deserves BETTER

Scheer opposes abortion and has stated that he would not reopen the debate on Canada’s law allowing abortions. He promises to balance the budget within two years, plans on denying funding for ANY university that doesn’t allow for freedom of speech, and will give more power back to the individual provinces.

This is a smart move on his part…

And VERY Trump-like.

Let’s hope this man has the same grit as our President – it could make the US’s relationship with Canada even STRONGER.

Let’s hope Canadians wake up to this…

And elect the one man in the race who is “American” enough to lead his country to prosperity.


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ― Leo Tolstoy