Though silenced by the media and big tech – Donald Trump can get the attention of the American people by showing them an alternative to the Leftist polices.

Miss him yet?

That is the question that former President Trump has asked a few times – but we can have it answered in just a few short years if 45 takes certain actions between now and 2024.

I am not one to give advice, but if the former President happens to read this, I would recommend that he was serious about making America great again he should do the following: Form a shadow presidency.

In Great Britain, the minority party forms a shadow government where they appoint party members to serve as fake cabinet members to oppose the sitting government’s actual cabinet members.

The point of the shadow government is to debate the ruling party and provide a contrast in ideas for the British public to consider…

Trump should do something similar in America.

Obviously, Trump isn’t a member of parliament, so it isn’t a apples-to-apples comparison, but the premise is still the same: Provide the American people with a counter viewpoint to that of the current administration.

This shadow cabinet would give Trump the ability to remind Americans of his policy success while contrasting those successes with the failures of the Biden administration.

With every bad policy Biden has, Trump can bring attention to the bad policy, and then explain to the American people how his policy was successful compared to the Biden policy.

An few examples would include border security, the economy, and foreign policy in places like the Middle East.

Trump has already announced that he is going to be holding rallies again soon, so that’s a start.

This gives Trump a large forum to do what I recommended above; the media will be forced to cover his rallies, even though they will hate doing it, but the Orangeman brings them high ratings, so they will bite the bullet and air his speeches.

The dirty little secret is that the media actually are obsessed with him and miss him, just ask CNN. The “most trusted name in news” has seen their ratings decline 70% since Trump left office.

Trump completes them.

Trump could hold mock cabinet meetings from time to time with conservatives playing the part of secretary of State, secretary of Defense, Treasury secretary, etc.

Of course, Trump would be mocked for these meetings, but that has never stopped him before; the media and Hollywood will never lay off him, so he should just go ahead with his plans anyway.

And he doesn’t need me to tell him this; he always does things his way, regardless of what the so-called experts and pundits tell him to do.

It would be entertaining and informative to see Trump lead a shadow cabinet discussion with the likes of Ron DeSantis, Mike Pompeo, Ted Cruz, and other rock star conservatives.

Trump is not a normal ex-president; he isn’t going to sit around and ride into the sunset. He has a lot to offer, and he intends on continuing to be active in politics.

Most ex-presidents stay silent most of the time, and retreat to retirement to write their memoirs, or in George W. Bush’s case, to paint.

Trump has never been one to abide by the status quo, so this would be a very Trumpian idea.

If anyone would (and in my humble opinion SHOULD) form a shadow administration, it would be Donald Trump.