Even though an Interior Department report exonerated Trump from the Lafayette Square clearing, Leftist Jim Acosta is STILL pushing that photo op LIE!

1984 author George Orwell, must be looking down on America right now, shrugging his shoulders and saying, “I Told you so.”

The plot of that fictional book seems to be playing out in real-time as the Left’s control of the mainstream media allows them to tell America whatever story they want them to believe.

The thought police and newspeak are now all too real. The woke mob and elected Democrats keep telling us what is THEIR truth. But that is not the same as THE actual truth.

As we have ALL seen, the truth is being revealed.

This is something the Bible has taught for more than a thousand years, and it’s good to see the truth finally being revealed about Trump and what the mainstream media did to the former President to get him out of power.

They brandished him a liar, but all they’ve done is lie and take everything he’s ever said out of context.

But again, the truth is being revealed.

The Light of Truth Revealing Their Lies

Over the last few weeks, we’ve learned that Trump has been right on a LOT of things that the Left accused him of either lying about or being stupid.

We’ve learned that he was most likely RIGHT about the Wuhan lab COVID-19 leak; We’ve learned that hydroxychloroquine increases a COVID patient’s survival rate by at least 200%; We learned he was right about pushing Ukraine to investigate perennial scumbag, Hunter Biden ; and we learned that the clearing of Lafayette Square wasn’t done for a Trump photo- op, but instead, it was done so that a new fence could be erected around the White House due to the damage it had taken under the mob that was parked outside.

There is NO telling what else is going to come out over the next few months and years.

However, with all this coming out, why do Leftists such as “journalist” Jim Acosta, continue to push the lie that the square was cleared for Trump’s photo op?

Why is he going against inspector general for the Department of the Interior, Mark Greenblatt’s, report that found that the USPP were clearing the area before then-President Trump left the White House to erect the fencing?

Even more, why is Acosta accusing Greenblatt of trying to appease Trump with the same report that he claims is a “whitewash of what occurred on June 1st’?

Classless Acosta’s Leftist Narrative Fail

Acosta said on CNN’s, New Day, “I have to say, when I read through this report, it sounded as if this inspector general was auditioning to become the inspector general at Mar-A-Lago because this is almost a whitewash of what occurred on June 1st.”

How terrible is that to accuse somebody of something like that without ONE shred of proof?

Acosta even went on to say, “According to the inspector general’s report, they did not speak to senior White House officials, they did not speak to the Secret Service, so this certainly raises more questions.”

No, Jim, it doesn’t.

The report is cut and dry.

And what PROVES this to be true is the fact that even other Liberals are putting you in your place over your accusations.

Former Left-wing commentator Glenn Greenwald took Acosta to task when he tweeted: “CNN and @Acosta attacking and maligning the reputation of a well-respected career civil servant who has served in multiple administrations because his investigation proved that CNN and Acosta peddled outright fabrications (yet again) for weeks. Rather than admit it, they smear.


But the award for best response goes to former Trump Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who tweeted, “’They told you Trump colluded with Russia (false), Trump ignored Russian bounties on troops (false), Trump cleared Lafayette Park “for a photo op” (false), there’s no way COVID-19 could’ve come from the Wuhan Lab as Trump said (false)…Let me know if you notice a pattern here.”


We know this to be true.

So why is the Left STILL pushing the lie?

Because they can’t relent.

They can’t allow Trump to gain any positive momentum, because they know that it won’t take much to get those who voted against him to change their minds in 2024.

This is a pre-emptive strike against Trump’s next run. They are trying everything they can to tarnish his image.

Too bad for them… it’s too late. The truth is out there.

They can’t stop it and it’s going to hit them square in the face in 2024.


“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell