There’s no doubt about it: Jim Jordan is a firebrand for the Right.

He’s opinionated, he’s determined, and he can be overbearing, even obnoxious, at times.

But if there’s is one thing that you can’t accuse Jim Jordan of being, it’s a shill for Deep State or their money-dumping overlords.

Jim Jordan is his own man, and there isn’t a soul in DC that could control the words that would come out of his mouth…especially not Nancy Pelosi, which is why the Speaker wouldn’t let him sit on her “1/6 Commission.”

You know, the Commission to investigate the January 6th Capitol Riot?

The one where each and every witness was hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi?

The one where the “bipartisan panel of representatives” is filled with partisan hacks and RINOs, again hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi?

The one where the only questions that can be asked are those written or approved by—you guessed it—Nancy Pelosi?

Pelosi Fears The TRUTH

During the first day of the sham commission, four hand-picked witnesses testified before Congress—but do you know who wasn’t among them?

The Capitol Hill Police Chief.

Also absent were any OTHER officers who had NO violent interactions with Trump supporters on the day of the riot.

How can they expect anybody to take this committee seriously if EVERYBODY is hand-picked to push just ONE narrative?

It’s political theatre…nothing more, nothing less.

That’s the very reason why Jim Jordan was excluded from having a seat on the commission in the first place.

Well, that plus the fact that Jim Jordan continues to communicate with Donald Trump, which obviously terrifies Nancy Pelosi to no end.

Not only does Jordan talk to Trump, but he actually spoke to him on January 6 as well. However, Jordan is refusing to reveal what was said because of the commission snub.

Fox Host Bret Baier asked Jordan if he had talked to the President, to which he admitted, “I’ve talked to the former president umpteen times, thousands. I mean, not thousands…”

Baier jumping back in for clarification asked, “I mean on January 6.”

“I talked to the president,” Jordan responded. “I never talk about what we talk about. I just don’t think that’s appropriate, just like I don’t talk about what happens in Republican conferences – so, I talked to the president numerous times. I continue to talk to the president.”

But the former president isn’t the issue here, is he?

What Jim Jordan Wants To Know!

He’s already been impeached (and found not guilty) for any crime against the government on January 6th.

No, the issue here is the fact that this commission will never get down to the truth of what happened because they don’t want to know the truth. This commission is simply about pushing a narrative.

That’s what Jim Jordan’s pointed out as his interview with Baier continued. “Bret, the people we need to come testify are the people who can testify to the fundamental questions: why didn’t the United States Capitol – the people’s house – have an appropriate security posture on that day and what have we done? Those are the people we need to hear from. That’s the information and testimony we need to get. That’s what we should focus on.”

And he’s right.

This shouldn’t be about placing blame, because we KNOW where the blame goes: on the rioters themselves, and on the federal government that refused to listen to half of the American public when we asked them to look into the 2020 election.

That’s where the blame goes…

What we need to focus on is how to ensure that something like January 6th never happens again.

That’s Jim Jordan’s stance.

He wants to get down to the nitty-gritty to make sure that this doesn’t happen again; the Democrats just want to go on another witch hunt.

The Left is creating their own monsters by ignoring the simple fact that the Right just wants a fair shake.

And we will continue to be at odds until they realize that.

Luckily for us, we have people like Jim Jordan there to remind them.


“Americans can live with the fact that good people sometimes give their lives for this country, but what they can’t take, what they can’t live with is when their government is not square with them.” – Jim Jordan