Raise your hand if you trust ANYTHING that involves the Chinese government.

Anyone? Anyone at all?

No? Big surprise there…

            Of course we don’t trust anything that comes from the Chinese government anymore. The regime has a history of using their state-run media to cover up stories and hide the truth about incidents that would be catastrophic to the country’s image.

I don’t need to go down the laundry list of the multiple coverups China’s government has undertaken to protect their public image…

But do yourself a favor and look up “Intelsat 708” for an idea of just how far these coverups have gone.

Of course, none of us really need convincing as to whether or not China covers up their mistakes.

We watched it happening in real time in December of 2019, when leaked videos showed Chinese government workers LITERALLY welding people into their homes in order to cut down on the spread of COVID-19—a virus that almost everyone agrees emerged from the province of Wuhan.

China also would NOT let World Health Organization (WHO) officials in to help mitigate the spread of the virus…

They simply LIED about it and told the world absolutely NOTHING about how the virus moves or spreads.

China And The WHO: A Match Made In Lies

But we found all that out anyway, didn’t we? Just in the worst way possible—with our country becoming infected with COVID-19.

America got its first case in January of 2020, prompting Trump to shut down travel to and from China. It was a move that was called “racist” and “agoraphobic” by the Left at the time, but today scientists agree it probably saved thousands of lives.

What’s worse is the fact that China didn’t let WHO officials in until over a YEAR later, when most of the evidence would already have been scrubbed from the area, as well as from computers that may have held data in the Wuhan lab that was conducting testing on the coronavirus in bats.

Oh, if you didn’t know that, I’ll refresh your memory: there is a lab in Wuhan that was experimenting with bat coronavirus about 800 to 1,000 miles away from the closest bat population. However, the Chinese government said that there was NO way that the virus escaped from this lab and that it came from an animal in their local wet market instead.

The WHO, the organization tasked with ensuring the safety of the world, bowed down to the Chinese government and backed away from the popular opinion that the virus originated from that lab before one investigator set foot inside the country. And now, the WHO is AGREEING that the virus happened naturally, after investigators were finally allowed into Chinese territory.

If that doesn’t seem “fishy,” then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona that I’d love to sell you…

This was all revealed in a draft of a report by the WHO in collaboration with China, claiming that the origins of COVID-19 made the unlikeliest of jumps from bats to humans through another animal and not a laboratory leak.

The long-awaited study has been repeatedly delayed after it was commissioned last year, prompting doubts about input from the Chinese regime and its aim of diverting attention away from what may be the biggest environmental accidents in history.

Remember, at one point, the Chinese government blamed the US military for bringing the virus to their country, without one single shred of evidence, believable or otherwise, all while urging the WHO to launch probes into COVID’s origins OUTSIDE of Wuhan.

The WHO Backs Up China’s Claims….And It’s BULLSH*T!!

Also in the report, the researchers listed four scenarios in order of likelihood for the birth of COVID-19…

The most likely was transmission through a second animal, another scenario was by direct spread from bats to humans, labeled “likely”, and another that postulated that the virus spread through “cold-chain” food products, labeled “possible but not likely.”

Do you know what wasn’t on the list?

The virus escaping the lab…

Can you believe it?

This is what we get even AFTER the Wall Street Journal published an expose on the WHO investigation of the origins of COVID-19.

According to the WSJ report, the Chinese government had “near-total control” over the WHO visit to Wuhan, from deciding WHO could be on the team to dictating WHAT the visiting scientists were allowed to see.

The government also forced the WHO investigative team to watch Chinese political propaganda instead of seriously digging into the early days of the pandemic.

The WSJ said “fresh details about the team’s formation and constraints that reveal how little power it had to conduct a thorough, impartial examination – and call into question the clarity its findings appeared to provide.”

The WSJ detailed the shocking amount of control Beijing reportedly ended up having over the belated investigation that finally occurred in January and February 2021 – right down to Chinese operatives being allowed to “review” the WHO’s final report and “make possible changes” ahead of its public release.


This is how the WHO conducts investigations?

This is outrageous, and that should be screamed from the mountaintops. Of course, the Left will probably defend it because that’s just what they do. They trust everything that comes from these government agencies, following like lemmings off a cliff.

We should question it all…no matter what.

If this is the Left “winning,” I’d hate to see what their “losing” is.


“There’s this old line the wise folks in Washington have that “it’s not the crime, but the cover-up.” But only fools believe that. It’s always about the crime. The whole point of the cover-up is that a full revelation of the underlying crime is not survivable.” – Josh Marshall