Don’t you love when the Hollywood hipsters try to make the rest of America feel like crap?

These people live in a bubble that transforms their world into a veritable fantasy land.

They have no concept of reality…

They’re waited on hand and foot by assistants and crew members and have their opinions dictated to them by agents, stylists, and PR people who are trying to get them the best “optics” they can.

It has NOTHING to do with substance and EVERYTHING to do with image…

It’s a terrible way to live.

However, what happens more often than not is that these Hollywood types have no idea what they’re truly saying…

They’re simply regurgitating the drivel that they’re presented with.

The Hollywood HIVE Mind

It makes sense…

Hollywood is as fake as fake can get, and since they’re not allowed to think for themselves, they have no choice but to join in on the group-think.

They’ve been attacking Trump for years now…

It’s funny how all of a sudden, everybody in Hollywood thinks our president is a racist, while just a few years ago, they were clambering all over each other to get on his TV show or hang out with him…

But as soon as he ran for president as a Republican, they labeled him a bigot.


Instead of just using some of these scenarios to just virtue signal in order to make themselves look better – they’re starting to use these scenarios to get attention.

Because in Hollywood, the moment people stop talking about you is the moment your career dies.

For example, let’s take aging actress, Rosanna Arquette…

Her star’s been dimming for years now – and to be honest, it was NEVER that bright to begin with, so it makes sense for her to tweet something to get attention.

Unfortunately for her, that attention has backfired in a big way, to the point that she’s had to lock her Twitter account because she was getting so many negative messages.

Shame And Disgust: How Hollywood Does It

What’d she say?

In a tweet on August 7th, Rosanna said, “I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.”


You’re sorry and disgusted for being born white? That’s ridiculous…

How can you be sorry for something you have no choice over?

Apparently, she is…

And the backlash she’s receiving over it is TREMENDOUS!

She’s getting it from BOTH sides right now – which is why the FBI advised her to “lock” her account so she wouldn’t have to read nasty responses from people who aren’t actually followers.

Like Jynaia Williams who said, “OMG Get out of here with that! My mother is white and never had any privilege! She busted her butt while raising 5 kids! Still to this day everything she has works hard for, not given a dam handout! Girl bye! Officially pissed off both races in me, Black and White!”

Or when Lenny Kostecki tweeted back, “Yeah, she’s ashamed, but she sure took full advantage of it …”

Or maybe the worst one – comedian Nick DiPaolo tweeted, “Yeah, well there’s an easy solution. Just think of it as late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late term abortion. #MentallyIll”

She’s getting it both barrels from both sides…

It’s truly a thing of beauty when the Left and Right can come together in their condemnation of virtue signaling attention seekers.

We can agree on some things!

Maybe there’s OTHER things we can find common ground on?

You never know…


“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

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