Have you noticed that people like Ilhan Omar, AOC, and others are always grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re TRYING to sound as anti-American as possible, or if they truly believe the BS they’re saying. Or in Ilhan Omar’s case…

What they’re NOT saying.

What is it that Omar isn’t saying?

Well, before we get to that – we need to talk about her district.

Scary Stat About Minnesota

There is a disturbing trend that’s happening in a small Minneapolis community in Omar’s home state of Minnesota.

FBI statistics have shown that the Somali refugee community there – brought in by Obama, but that’s neither here nor there – has the nation’s HIGHEST number of men and boys that either have successfully joined or attempted to join a foreign terrorist organization over the past 12 years.

In fact, FBI stats also show that 45 Somalis from that area have left to join the Somalia-based Islamic extremist group al-Shabab or the Iraqi and Syrian arms of ISIS.

Since 2018, 12 people have been arrested for their attempt to leave to join those terrorist organizations.

All from ONE little area of the country…

An area that Somalia-born Ilhan Omar is supposed to oversee.

However, given that Omar is a naturalized American citizen, one would expect that Omar’s loyalties would lie with the country that took her and her family in, giving them a chance at a safer and better life.


Why isn’t she doing EVERYTHING in her power to stop this trend in her district?

Recently, an independent reporter caught up with Omar and asked her a few questions in this same vein…

Answer The Question, Ilhan…

After bringing up the FBI stats to the Minnesota rep, he asked her, “What steps are you taking to deter extremism and the recruitment from terrorist organizations going on in your district?”

What do you think her response was?

If you guessed “nothing good…”

You’d be right. Walking by as fast as possible, Omar said: “I have not seen that report.”


How does she not know this? If a group of desk-jockeys like the staff here at FreedomWire can find this out from 1800 miles away…

Then how does the elected representative from that district NOT know about it?

So, the reporter continued and asked her another question, “‘It’s FBI stats, but in general, what steps are you taking — what is your message to people who may want to join one of those groups within your district? Terrorist groups.”

Can you guess her response to this one?

It was absolutely nothing.

She just continued walking…

If actions speak louder than words – than her actions just screamed something that may be terrifying to the United States as a whole.

And that scream is that she either doesn’t care that terrorists are recruiting people out of her district…

Or she WANTS them to join.

Either way – the fact that she wouldn’t stop and say something like, “I denounce any terrorist group and will look into this issue – as I have America and America’s citizen’s best interests at heart,” – is absolutely terrifying.

This woman holds a position of power in the United States government…

It would be nice to know that she truly believed that America and freedom should be defended from terrorism.

So far, she’s proving the opposite.

It’s time for a change, Minnesota.

You need to fix this in 2020…


“What’s the definition of terrorism? It’s to achieve an objective through the use of force and fear. These are just nasty, evil, disgusting human beings who disrespect human life.” – Tim Kennedy