Is there any tragedy that the Left WON’T capitalize on?

Seriously, liberals gobble up tragedies like fat kids with a piece of cake. As soon as something bad happens anywhere in the world, a bunch of eager liberals immediately begin looking for a way to make the situation benefit them.

If you need proof, just take a look at the differences in the ways Democrat and Republican leaders have handled the pandemic. If you make a side-by-side comparison, the states with GOP leaders have fared much better than those that have DNC leaders.

Why do you think that is?

It’s because conservatives are rarely as power-hungry as their Liberal counterparts. Most conservative government officials aren’t looking to gain as much power as possible and hold onto it indefinitely. When they come into office, their goal is usually to give power back to the people, keeping the government out of the lives of private citizens unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Now, the Left is capitalizing on yet another tragedy, and this one is having disastrous consequences around the country.

Early last week, an unarmed black man named George Floyd was brutalized and killed by four white police officers in a case of obvious police brutality and arguable racism.

In the following days, peaceful protests in Minneapolis exploded into multiple riots in cities across the country. The Left is already off and running on this one, and it’s barely even started yet.

Taking Advantage Of Tragedy 101

The riots are ratings gold for Leftist news outlets. They know that people will be tuning in, so they continue to stoke outrage and hatred. They hyped up the situation in Minneapolis and practically salivated when the rioting spread—and all the while, they sat back and celebrated as the ratings and ad revenue poured in.

However, as bad as the media has been, there are also some Liberal politicians that are trying to use this tragedy to their advantage.

One of the most vocal is none other than “Mad” Maxine Waters, as corrupt a politician as ever set foot in DC.

You’re probably wondering why Waters, who lives in Beverly Hills, California, has decided to weigh in on matters that are taking place 2,000 miles away in Minnesota. It all comes down to the low-IQ Left’s favorite tactic: bashing Donald Trump.

Waters HATES Trump with the intensity of 1,000 suns, but nobody can really pinpoint the exact reason why. She may be worried about the president is exposing her for the corrupt shill that she is, but that remains to be proven.

Either way, Waters has tried to turn EVERY unfortunate incident that has occurred in this country since Trump was elected into an attack on the president. The George Floyd tragedy isn’t any different.

In an interview with TMZ, Waters told the cameras, “I’m reflecting of all the killings of young black men in particular but of course black woman as well, at the hands of police and at the hands if white supremacists. I’m thinking about the way that the president conducts himself in a way he’s dog-whistling. And I think that they are feeling that they can get away with this kind of treatment.”

Dog whistling?

We’d love for her to expand on that theory. Of course, when she’s been asked before, she’s been unable to come up with a legitimate example and just falls back on debunked theories.

It’s hard to call somebody that’s been in office for almost 30 years an idiot—if she’s been elected so many times, she has to have some level of intelligence—but she sure acts like an idiot.

Does Mad Maxine Know What Happens When You Assume?

But she continued, “I think that the officer who had his knee on his neck enjoyed doing what he was doing. I believe sometimes some of these officers leave home, thinking ‘I’m going to get me one today.’ And I think this is his one that he got today. And he didn’t care whether or not anybody was photographing him. He did what he was doing. The officers who stood there and watched him are just as guilty as he is.”


That’s an INCREDIBLE leap in logic, especially seeing that Waters has never met any of the people involved in the incident. She’s only going off the video that the entire world has seen by now, and it’s not like she has information that the rest of us don’t.

“I’m glad that all of them were fired,” Waters continued. “If, in fact, you have subdued a suspect that you’re not in any danger at all because the handcuffs are on him, there’s no reason for the police to do what this police [officer] did. And they don’t even mention in the report that the knee was on the neck George Floyd. You give them the right they would say to shoot you if you interfere with an arrest. And so it is dangerous, and citizens are doing the best job that they could do by photographing it. They’re photographing. They’re showing what is taking place, and what we’re finding is that the justice system does not work. Because the justice system will find a way to protect those offices in most cases, they will find justifiable homicide. And that’s what we’ve got to deal with. We’ve got to deal with the fact that we’re in America with a justice system that does not work for everybody.”

A lot of people are making assumptions about what happened here…

And to make those assumptions before an actual investigation has been completed is a TERRIBLE idea. It doesn’t help the situation one bit, but it does create even more anger and frustration.

What happened to George Floyd was a tragedy. It easily could have been avoided. That’s a well-known fact. What’s not known yet are the actual motives of the officers involved. Are they guilty of killing a man? Undoubtedly. But was it racism that made them do it? That remains to be proven.

Mad Maxine should do herself and America a favor and keep her mouth shut.

Let the investigation take its course so that justice can prevail.

There will be time enough for the peanut gallery after ALL the facts are released.


“A culture cannot lie down with dogs and not become utterly infested with fleas. The dogs, in this case, are the mongrel media and the corporate overlords who have grown fat on manufactured controversy and fear-mongering.” – Steven Weber