We all know that the Washington Post is nothing more than a Liberal rag put forth to forward the Left’s agenda.

That’s not a surprise.

However, even though this is common knowledge, it still catches us off guard when they cross the line into unchartered woke territory.

WaPo is a “modern” newspaper, meaning they don’t just bring their product to print; they also incorporate all the modern technology at hand in order to push their Liberal content out to the masses—and that includes a lineup of podcasts.

Podcasts have become very popular over the past five years.

In fact, they may soon overtake terrestrial radio’s popularity as a news and entertainment medium.

Many people who see what’s happening have jumped into making their own podcasts.

Even FreedomWire has its own podcast that you can get almost everywhere or you can watch on YouTube. (Here’s a link, just in case you want to check it out! FreedomWire Podcast)

So, it’s not surprising that WaPo’s podcast, “The New Normal,” is a Liberal’s dream combination of Marxist, Leftist, and Woke content that would make a Conservative want to rip out their hair.

And one of their latest episodes might be enough to leave you bald for good.

White People Need To Feel “Deep Shame”

In the episode, show host Nicole Ellis sits down with trauma “expert” Resmaa Manakem, San Francisco State University professor Rebecca Toporek and trauma therapist, Ilyse Kennedy, discussing how White Americans should start forming “white accountability groups” in an attempt to feel “deep shame” over their race by acknowledging the damage they’ve done to other racial groups.

The host and her guests discussed how White people can combat white supremacy by becoming “anti-racist,” with one of the recommended tactics being to form an accountability group to come together and co-lament their shame for being born into Whiteness.

Author Resmaa Manakem said, “An antiracist culture does not exist among white people. White people need to start getting together specifically around race.”

And why does he think this would be a good idea?

Because he feels that these groups should meet up and discuss their shame and privilege for up to five years, until “you end up with a community that is aligned with each other.”

What is that alignment, Resmaa?

That both groups hate White people for simply being White?

Is that not the very definition of racism?!

Of course, it is.

But that’s a point that is obviously lost on Ellis and therapist Ilyse Kennedy, who later admits that she’s already a part of one of these White accountability groups and says that it’s important that members experience a “period of deep shame for being White and for acknowledging the harm that our ancestors have caused.”

Kennedy then added, “We can’t ask people of color to hold our hand.”

And I agree with that—because White people don’t need any of that.

The Left’s OVERT Racist Agenda

There is no reason to feel ashamed for what others have done—none whatsoever!—and this movement to assign blame to a whole race rather than specific individuals is exactly what’s wrong with this entire movement.

Again, all this rhetoric makes it RACIST!

Professor Toporek agrees with the concept of these racist groups, and tells host Ellis, ‘Part of the structure of racism is to keep us from recognizing that racism is part of our daily lives. So, it’s a longer-term process of looking at your understanding of yourself in the world, both historically but also contextually. Also, the family you live in, the community you live in, and what role Whiteness plays in that.”

Absolutely ridiculous.

We don’t need “White” accountability groups…

White people don’t need to feel “periods of deep shame” for being born White.

None of this is necessary in order for there to be equality and understanding.

This is all just the Left’s goal of creating more victims. Nothing more…

Because if they don’t – if they truly empowered those in their party – they wouldn’t have anybody left.


“No individual can achieve worthy goals without accepting accountability for his or her own actions.” – Dan Miller