At what point do we say “enough is enough”?

At what point do we finally take a stand and fight back against the Liberals trying to find outrage in the smallest segments of our society?

It’s like they’re outrage bloodhounds trying to sniff out anything that they can be angry about just so they can post it on social media. Then, when the online mob joins in, they can sit back with a sense of satisfaction for bringing the next “terrible travesty of justice” to the forefront of the American conversation.

We didn’t just arrive here overnight, either.

It was a process.

It seemed to start with the political correctness that came into existence in the 1990s, setting new standards for what we could and couldn’t say and what was and wasn’t “acceptable” in polite society.

But two decades later, it’s brought us to a place where everybody is scared to say or do anything that could cause the slightest offense—because in 2021, offending someone could leave you with no job, no place to live, and a ruined life.

That’s not an exaggeration…

People have lost jobs and been kicked out of homes simply for the perception of racism or sexism—and that puts them in a bad, bad place.

Think about it…

They canceled Kevin Hart hosting the Oscars for things he said 12 years prior. Can you imagine if you said something that could be perceived as racially insensitive or sexual biased within the past year?

At A Crossroads

We’re at a crossroads here, and Liberals aren’t even looking to see if any traffic is coming. They’ve got the pedal to the metal with the radio playing Taylor Swift way too loud…meanwhile the semitruck of reality is coming in from the other direction and has the right of way.

If we keep going cruising at the Lib’s speed, we’re going to be in for a serious collision—one that our country may not survive.

The Liberals are out of control…

They’re getting so far past the original intent of political correctness that they’ve almost come full circle, turning into the very sexist, racist bigots they tried to fight.

Their latest insanity comes in the form social justice guide… for toddlers.

I sh*t you not.

The Washington Post just published an article that gave guidelines to parents to ensure their babies don’t form early racial or sexual biases.

Wokest Baby On The Block!

Apparently, it’s never too early to ensure your baby is “woke.”

It’s now being “recommended” by race “experts” that three-month-old babies should be taught about implicit bias and racial stereotypes…even though they don’t have enough awareness to know how to stop sucking their thumbs yet.

One “expert” told the author of this article that “Children develop implicit bias as early as three months old, and at four years old are categorizing and developing stereotypes.”

Because apparently, racist babies are a thing now.

The article, literally titled “Social justice for toddlers” has been mocked widely on social media—but most haven’t paid attention to the fact that this was less an attack on babies and more an attack on parents who, it is assumed, are racist, sexist, and homophobic.

Another one of these “experts” recommends that one of the keys to having a “woke” baby is “ensuring children have authentic connections to people from different backgrounds is likely to reduce bias.”

This includes making sure they have as much interaction with the trans community as possible, suggesting that Drag Queen story hours are the best way to destr… I mean, armor your child against the biases and stereotypes that lead to hate.

Of course, if you want to the ULTIMATE woke baby, you can enroll your baby into the Antiracism Academy, run by Brandee Blocker Anderson, a former corporate lawyer (which is impressive, but learning the law doesn’t equate to an education degree).

Blocker Anderson commented that, with the promotion of anti-racism tools, “There is an opportunity to reach adults and children who want to do better. We can give kids the language they need to respond in meaningful ways about race. We are at a point in history where there is a critical mass of people who get it.”

Get what?

That the Left is absolutely batsh*t crazy in their attempts to force this round world into their square hole?

They want to start the indoctrination into Liberal race theory during babyhood! What’s next? Making your child listen to Malcolm X’s speeches en utero?

This is absolutely bonkers, and we absolutely need to remedy this illness FAST.

Because if we don’t…

This will become COMMON PRACTICE among Americans—but we don’t need to be woke to know not to hate.

In fact, it can be argued that wokeness LEADS to hate…

The Left needs an enema of the highest order.

And I’ll gladly be the one to administer it.


“In Western democracies, not only do elected governments, who were elected to represent the people, not favour their own citizens, society, fueled by left-wing mainstream media, has made it racist and bigoted to suggest they should.” ― Robert Black