We are now about 8 months into the plan of “15 days to slow the spread” of the China virus, yet we remain mostly locked down by Democrat mini-tyrants that we call “elected officials.”

While the overbearing lockdown measures of these Leftist governors and mayors seem to be politically motivated, perhaps an effective coronavirus vaccine will be the ticket for full reopening efforts to move forward.

After weeks of silence on the matter, President Trump updated the public on his administration’s “Operation Warp Speed” effort to secure an effective vaccine that the federal government plans to make available for widespread use.

The president celebrated the successful report that Pfizer revealed last week indicating a 90% successful coronavirus vaccine, stating that “this far exceeds any and all expectations” in his Rose Garden speech.

After announcing that the vaccine came “5 times faster than the fastest prior vaccine development in history,” he said they will be seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA prior to mass distribution. Other vaccines are also in their final stages of trial and will seek immediate approval from the FDA.

Once the vaccine receives approval, it will then be distributed to “frontline workers, the elderly, and high-risk Americans immediately,” the president said. One doctor present at the conference stated this could begin as early as December or January.

President Trump told the public that enough vaccine doses are on track to be distributed to the entire general public as soon as April – except for the state of New York.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo is reportedly refusing to accept any vaccine in his state from the federal government. “For political reasons, the governor decided, they say — and, you know, I don’t think it’s good, politically; I think it’s very bad from a health standpoint — but he wants to take his time with the vaccine.  He doesn’t trust where the vaccine is coming from,” the president said.

Regardless of having access to the vaccine everyone has been waiting for, as well as highly effective therapeutics, far-Left politicians like Andrew Cuomo refuse to relinquish control over their constituents.

He is literally risking the lives of the elderly, those who have pre-existing conditions, and first responders, because he wants to play politics with the President of the United States.

It’s repulsive and despicable that more people will literally die because Cuomo “didn’t trust” a vaccine made possible by the Trump administration.

Nevertheless, the president reminded Americans that they still have access to therapeutics like Remdesivir, of which they have enough doses to treat 850,000 people. So, even without a vaccine, there are still good alternatives.

Regardless of what the unhinged radical Left thinks about Operation Warp Speed’s unprecedented efforts in manufacturing a highly successful vaccine in record time, the fact is that most of America will finally be able to move on from the pandemic and associated lockdowns.

When the vaccine finally arrives, it’s time for us to get back to normal and resume our everyday lives.

The truth is, we can’t live in fear forever while our economy remains stagnant because we are terrified to go outside or being close to people.

It’s finally time to move into the next phase, which means restoring our economy, going back to work, returning to school, reopening businesses, and regaining our freedom.