As of this writing, it appears that the Democrats will have picked up at least one Senate seat in Georgia, possibly two, which is a devastating result if it holds. The Democrats would be the de facto majority party in the Senate because Kamala Harris in her role as head of the Senate would be the tie-breaking vote.

That should send a shiver down every conservative’s spine.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler in a Georgia Senate runoff. The other race remained too close to call. The Senate runoff elections in Georgia capped a high-profile and costly fight that left hanging the question of which party will control the chamber as well as the scope of President-elect Joe Biden’s legislative agenda.”

But wait, there might be more!

Under Georgia law, election results within .5% are eligible for a recount, so the election season from hell might not be over yet! As the returns now stand, Jon Ossoff has less than that margin lead over Senator David Perdue. If these results hold, Perdue could request a recount.

It appears that blacks and younger voters made the difference in the Warnock race, and could be decisive in the Ossoff race as well.

Fox News reported, “Black voters and those under age 45 helped challenger Warnock unseat incumbent Loefller.

Data from the Fox News Voter Analysis (FNVA), a survey of approximately 4,000 Georgians, show the contours of both races are largely similar — and mirrored November’s presidential results. The Democratic coalition centered on Black voters (Ossoff +88 points and Warnock +88 points), moderates (+34 in both races), those under age 45 (+16 / +18 points) and suburban voters (+4 / +6 points).  Blacks made up 32% of the runoff electorate, up from 29% in November.”

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