America faces a serious threat to our national security via our southern border with Mexico.

However, that threat pales in comparison to a far more important crisis.

Last week, in Grand Rapids, MI, President Trump said he would shut down the border if Mexico fails to stop the flow of illegal immigration into the U.S.

Trump elaborated on the threat in a tweet: “Mexico must use its very strong immigration laws to stop many thousands of people trying to get into the USA. Our detention areas are maxed out and we will take no more illegals. Next step is to close the Border! This will also help us with stopping the Drug flow from Mexico!”

That’s great, Mr. President, but you are overlooking the most serious issue regarding your border shutdown proposal: There will be no more avocados from Mexico!

Oh, no! Holy guacamole!

How will we survive?

What will we put on our toast now that avocado toast is no longer an option?

We may have to go back to putting peanut butter and jelly on our toast.

Who cares about the safety of our country; lets save the avocados!

This has become a serious issue to many — particularly on left-wing media sites.

Here are a few of the shocking headlines: “Avocado supply will dry up quickly if Trump closes the U.S.-Mexico border,” “Avocados could vanish in 3 weeks if U.S. closes Mexico border” and “Avocado Shortages and Price Spikes: How Trump’s Border Closing Would Hit U.S.”

OH MY GOD! Sound the air-raid sirens. Take cover!

The Independent compared the avocado crisis to a natural disaster. They wrote: “It would most likely resemble the aftermath of a major natural disaster: food shortages, skyrocketing prices, people out of work and a plummeting stock market.”

Head for the hills, folks!

It is possible that President Trump will keep the border open for commerce; however, the liberals always go to the zero-sum fallacy.

President Trump wants to close the border, so the economy will collapse. It is in their nature to make a situation a binary decision.

However, that rule doesn’t apply to gender identity. If someone claims that there are two genders —male and female — then they are shouted down by the left.

Apparently, consistency doesn’t matter to them.

Their claim doesn’t even hold up to scrutiny.

Forbes magazine reported: “Even if the supply of Mexican avocados dwindles, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll no longer be available. As with previous bacon shortage and chocolate shortage scares, the price of avocados would simply rise to match demand, and the avocado shortage would be temporary … there was a bumper Mexican crop last year.”

Basic economics.

The laws of economics aren’t based on emotion. They are based on centuries of economic observations.

However, it is probably a waste of time to explain this to them.

The next time you order a fajita at a Mexican restaurant, and the waiter asks you if you would like to add a side of guacamole for a dollar extra, make sure you order enough to freeze in your freezer.

There may not be any avocados ever again if President Trump secures our border.