Consult a psychologist if you experience uncontrollable bouts of anger, find yourself screaming at the Trumpster in the grocery store checkout line, or have uncontrollable urges to call any of his supporters “deplorables.”

Medication may be required.

Liberals are triggered anytime President Trump appears on their television screen. They are still struggling to cope with his election to the presidency—over two years ago.

They were stunned when he defeated Hillary Clinton. It was supposed to be her turn.

The latest example of Trump Derangement Syndrome comes to us courtesy of a teacher’s assistant in Yorktown, Virginia.

A teacher’s assistant at Tabb High School wrapped a Trump flag around a student’s head. A video of the incident has since gone viral. The video clearly shows her wrapping a “Trump 2020” flag around the student as classmates jeer.

Way to act like an adult, lady.

The educator was so triggered she had to physically attack a high school student.


This is just one example of many.

Last year, a public radio host in Massachusetts wrote an op-ed in The Boston Globe.

She sounded like she was suffering from an addiction—like alcoholism.

She wrote, “My name is Margery, and I suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. I am powerless over the president, who has wormed his way into my brain.”

Pretty soon there are going to be 12-step meetings for TDS.

The meeting would sound like this. My name is Margery, and I have TDS. The group: “Hi, Margery!”

Saying that you have TDS is an insult to people who have actual mental illnesses.

She goes on to tell of a story of a guy of who also suffers from TDS: “’My dentist informed me I need to wear a bite guard because I’m clenching my teeth while sleeping,’ fellow sufferer Jeff

Herman, of West Warwick, R.I., told me about his election anxiety. It’s because of Trump.”

If you see your plight in life through the lens of one man, you need to re-evaluate your life. One man should not have that much impact on you.

An article in Psychology Today pondered whether Trump Derangement Syndrome was real. That’s right, they took the time to write an article about a non-existent mental phenomenon.

The article titled, “Is Trump Derangement Syndrome a real mental condition?” analyzed the question. The article compared TDS to “Beatlemania.” I am not kidding.

They wrote, “Such forms of highly emotional reaction could be something akin to the fainting and screaming characterizing American Beatlemania in the 1960s. Unlike The Beatles however, the extreme reaction alleged to characterize TDS is not based on adoration and admiration, but fear and loathing.”

On second thought, the videos of Hillary Clinton supporters after Trump’s election do resemble the crying and screaming of The Beatles’ fans.

If you haven’t seen them, search for them on YouTube, they are hilarious.

Trump haters lost their minds in the weeks following his election victory. Here are a few examples from Bernard Goldberg at Real Clear Politics:

“On college campuses the snowflakes melted. At Cornell, students with TDS held a ‘cry-in’ to mourn the results with staff handing out tissues and hot chocolate to ease the pain of Trump’s victory.

At the University of Kansas, the cupcakes were offered therapy dogs. A dorm at the University of Pennsylvania set up a ‘breathing space’ the night after the election where coloring books, snacks, and puppies were available for students who needed to ‘decompress in a low-key and low-stress environment.’ At Vanderbilt, the children who were traumatized by Trump’s election were encouraged by the grown-ups on campus to ‘take advantage of the outstanding mental health support the university offers.’ At Yale, and many other schools where TDS was running rampant, tests were canceled because students were in shock.”

This is what happens when you give “participation trophies” to kids in youth sports. When they don’t get their way, they look for a shoulder to cry on. They need someone to co-sign their immaturity.

It is entertaining to sit back and watch the snowflakes melt in front of our eyes. It is a real-life comedy movie, and there is no price of admission.

Sit back and get some more popcorn. It’s going to get more hilarious after Trump gets re-elected in 2020. We will have six more years of entertainment.