Senator Elizabeth Warren, A.K.A. “Fauxcahontas,” failed in her bid to win the Democrat nomination for president. She had some early momentum during the fall of 2019 before fizzling out by the time the first votes were cast in Iowa. Despite all the political waves that she created during her short-lived campaign, she ultimately became a footnote in the runup to the 2020 election season. However, she need not despair, because she might still be chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate and likely successor.

Continuing our series on Biden’s potential vice-presidential picks, let’s examine whether Senator Elizabeth Warren could be what Creepy Joe is looking for.

On paper, it seems like an unlikely pair. Warren is a far-Left progressive and Biden is considered a moderate Democrat. However, as I discussed in an article yesterday, Biden is an empty vessel who is letting the far-Left take over his campaign. Therefore, it’s possible that there might not be as wide an ideological divide between the two as it first appears.

Warren comes from academia. She was a Harvard law professor before helping to found the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during the Obama administration. She then ran against former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown for Senate in the commonwealth and won. She has represented Massachusetts in the Senate ever since.

Unlike socialist senator Bernie Sanders, Warren hasn’t been a lifetime Leftist. Instead, she has “evolved” towards the Left over the years as her political ambitions grew.

David L. Bahnsen, a successful author and television commentator, recently wrote a book on the dangers of Warren’s policy prescriptions, warning of how these policies would harm the middle-class Americans that Warren claims to want to help. In his book Elizabeth Warren: How Her Presidency Would Destroy the Middle Class and the American Dream, Bahnsen addresses Warren head-on by picking her proposals apart one by one.

Bahnsen begins his critique of the Massachusetts senator by tracing her ideological journey from a Republican to a wealth-hating Leftist. Many people might not realize that Warren was once on the Right and acted like a sensible, independent thinker.

Before she wanted to eliminate private charter schools and nationalize every aspect of education, she supported vouchers for parents to send their kids to a school of their choosing. She wrote a book titled “The Two-Income Trap,” in which she argued that the increase in female employment actually had some negative impacts on families by driving up the cost of many essential goods due to the increased income that the wives generated for households. That argument wouldn’t have sat well with feminists if she had campaigned on that platform.

Bahnsen wrote that Warren claimed that “the vast increase of two-income families in recent decades served to inflate the cost of living for middle-class families (as the price of housing, education, automobiles, and other consumer goods rose with the new-found financial capacity to pay for them), yet this same dynamic stripped families of a basic protection single-income families had historically enjoyed.”

Boy, how times change. Warren is a wealth-hating, government-control-loving, anti-capitalist politician from one of the most liberal states in the country.

Senator Warren talks endlessly about punishing corporations and wants to tax business owners to death. Her wealth tax is an unconstitutional plan which is nothing more than Marxist class warfare.

Warren’s proposal would have added a 2% tax to U.S. households with a net worth greater than $50 million, increasing it to 3% for a net worth greater than $1 billion.

Last July, she released a proposal that would make private equity firms responsible for the debts and pension obligations of the companies they buy. Billionaires like Leon Cooperman have begun to speak out against her, and other Democrat CEOs have said they will not donate to her campaign

In an explosive new book titled Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, author Peter Schweizer details Warren’s history of helping write legislation that helped the wealthiest corporations.

The following is an expert from the book:

[Warren] was actually a government consultant paid by the U.S. Congress in the 1990s to rewrite our bankruptcy laws. Ok, that’s all fine and good, but she did the typical Washington crony move: She cashed in. After she rewrote those laws, what did she do? She went to the corporations who would benefit from the law and said, ‘Hire me, and I will help you interpret the law that I wrote myself.’ And she made millions of dollars doing that.”

He continued: ‘She’s also got a daughter who set up a business. She was setting up that business while Elizabeth Warren was head of the TARP Oversight Committee, and what ends up happening is the daughter gets advisors from the very investment banks that Elizabeth Warren’s TARP Committee was bailing out.”

Typical politician. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Wealthy donors began to sour on Warren’s anti-wealth rhetoric and policies and began to pull funding for her campaign.

CNBC reported that “Democratic donors on Wall Street and in big business are preparing to sit out the presidential campaign fundraising cycle—or even back President Donald Trump—if Sen. Elizabeth Warren wins the party’s nomination.”

One billionaire in particular had enough and let Warren know how he feels.

Billionaire Leon Cooperman penned a letter in which he derided Warren for her anti-capitalist rhetoric.

Cooperman wrote: “For you to suggest that capitalism is a dirty word and that these people, as a group, are ingrates who didn’t earn their riches through strenuous effort and (in many cases) paradigm-shifting insights, and now don’t pull their weight societally indicates that you either are grossly uninformed or are knowingly warping the facts for narrow political gain.”

The New York Times has reported that Biden actually asked Elizabeth Warren in 2015 if she would be his VP running mate if he ran in 2016 and the two talked weekly about the campaign. So, even all these years later, it is possible that Biden will tap Warren to join the ticket.

But strategically, Biden picking Warren would jeopardize his campaign’s support from wealthy Democrat donors who despise Warren’s anti-wealth rhetoric. She would continue to push the ticket Left, which would jeopardize winning the votes of centrists independents. Trump would also be emboldened to take on Warren and he can roll out his greatest hits of attack lines against her. You could guarantee that the Pocahontas tweets would start again.

Well, if Biden wants to win the Native American vote, he should pick Warren. After all, she is 1/1024th Indian…

So technically she checks off Biden’s minority status box too.