Election audits are heating up nearly eight months after the 2020 presidential election as Republicans refuse to give up on securing the vote.

One of the most controversial audits taking place in the state of Georgia is yielding thousands of instances of voter fraud, according to Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA).

VoterGA announced in a press release that their analysis resulted in at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots containing more than 4,255 votes that were counted more than once and added to the audit results.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of those—nearly 3,400—were for Joe Biden.

But that wasn’t the only damning discrepancy VoterGA found in the audit.

The outlet added that the team investigating the ballots also found seven audit tally sheets that appear to contain falsified vote totals.

For example, in one instance, a batch containing 59 ballot images for Biden and 42 for Trump was reported as 100 for Biden and zero for Trump.

Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson tweeted the audit tally sheets showing the fraudulent vote totals.

“You want proof of election fraud? Here’s the smoking gun: voter tally sheets in Fulton County with 100 votes for Biden & ZERO votes for Trump,” she wrote. “7 of these sheets. Statistically impossible. https://voterga.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Zero-trump-tally-sheets.pdf.”

This shocking revelation shows that the fraud may have been worse than even many conservatives previously thought.

VoterGA’s analysis also revealed that 923 of the 1,539 mail-in ballot batch files contained votes that were incorrectly reported in the county’s 2020 election tallies.

“Fulton Co. failed to include over 100,000 tally sheets, including more than 50,000 from mail-in ballots, when the results were originally published for the full hand count audit conducted by the office of the Secretary of State for the November 3rd 2020 election,” the press release stated. “Those tally sheets remained missing until late February when the county supplemented their original audit results.”

On top of the missing tally sheets, the release stated, “Petitioners contend that Fulton County did not provide dropbox transfer forms for at least three pickup days when obligated to do so via an Open Records Request. Those missing forms are still needed to provide chain of custody proof for about 5,000 ballots.”

“The VoterGA data team also found over 200 Fulton County mail-in ballot images containing votes not included in the hand count audit results for the November election,” it continued. “All these anomalies are now included in the Fulton County ballot inspection lawsuit as additional counts of how the Equal Protection and Due Process Constitutional rights of Georgia voters were violated.”

Trump weighed on the matter, calling Fulton County’s hand recount “a total fraud!”

“The news coming out of Georgia is beyond incredible. The hand recount in Fulton County was a total fraud! They stuffed the ballot box—and got caught,” said Trump. “We will lose our country if this is allowed to stand.”


A PDF of VoterGA’s press release is available HERE: https://voterga.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Press-Release-New-Evidence-Reveals-Georgia-Audit-Fraud-and-Massive-Errors.pdf