Vladimir Putin is a dangerous man who will kill anyone who crosses him. Over the years, his Russian henchmen have been known to have killed at least 15 people in England alone. This story is a real-life version of a spy novel.

Now, it appears that the nefarious dictator has ordered another one of his enemies killed, this time in France.

Business Insider reported, “French police believe that the killing of a blogger from the disputed Russian region of Chechnya in a French hotel room last week was ‘politically motivated,’ a French police official briefed on the case said…

Aliev, who vocally opposed the Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found dead the next morning by hotel staff.

His throat had been slit.”

This is the latest in a series of suspicious killings throughout Europe that intelligence agencies believe can be traced back to Russia. The Russian hit squads serve as the muscle for Vladimir Putin’s vendettas against perceived threats to his power.

Great Britain has seen the most murders linked to Russia outside of the Mother Country itself.

A 2017 BuzzFeed News article detailed the activities of the Russian hit squads in-depth. BuzzFeed reported the following:

“The story of this ring of death illuminates one of the most disturbing geopolitical trends of our time – the use of assassinations by Russia’s secret services and powerful mafia groups to wipe out opponents around the globe…

The intelligence pointing to a campaign of targeted killings in Britain comes amid mounting international concern that the Kremlin is brazenly interfering in the West.

Russian assassins have been able to kill in Britain with impunity over the past decade, 17 current and former British and American intelligence officials told BuzzFeed News. The reasons for Britain’s reticence, they said, include fear of retaliation, police incompetence, and a desire to preserve the billions of pounds of Russian money that pour into British banks and properties each year. As a result, Russia is making what one source called increasingly “bold moves” in the UK without fear of reprisals.”

Vladimir Putin is a bad man. He is also incredibly smart and knows how to play the West to get his way. He took advantage of the weakness of Presidents Bush and Obama and took more control of his region. He has been met with little resistance from the West over the years, which clearly emboldened him to sow chaos in the American electoral system in 2016.

He must be laughing at us from the Kremlin right now.

Russia provided damaging, false information about Trump to Christopher Steele, the former British M-I6 investigator, and that false information was transmitted to the Clinton campaign in the form of a private dossier.

The files of political dirt—much of which was disproven soon after—was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. Furthermore, the Obama administration FBI used this dossier as evidence to obtain a FISA warrant to investigate Trump and his associates.

Russian hackers then hacked into the emails of Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats. Those emails were fed to organizations like Wikileaks, which then released the emails to the public.

Again, another win for Putin, and the American government played right into his hands.

The Russians launched a disinformation campaign meant to persuade voters. They created fake news accounts, social media ads, and memes with the intent of creating confusion and—allegedly—convincing people to vote for Trump.

I am sure that stupid memes had no influence on getting people to vote for President Trump, but the Left is convinced that this disinformation was enough to swing the election.

If left unchecked, Putin will kill again. He is an enemy of the West—including the United States.

Underestimate him at your own peril.