[Courtesy of FW Contributor Brant Carlson]

Currently in her 17th year in Congress, Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC) announced she will be seeking reelection again in November 2022.

The 77-year-old Congresswoman has been a professional politician since 1995 and has held a seat in Congress since 2004 when she beat out a crowded Republican field after she took a term limits pledge.

The official term limits pledge allows for members of the House to serve three terms, or six years total in Congress, putting Rep. Virginia Foxx already a decade over her term limits pledge.

Throughout her professional political career that began before cell phones existed, Foxx has seen four different Presidents and countless unbalanced budgets.

This all comes at a time when the nation has soured on career politicians and their broken promises. Adding uncertainty to Foxx’s future is a new Republican challenger that is already making waves in her North Carolina district.

Former NC State football standout and Ivy graduate Bo Hines announced his intention to run for Foxx’s seat in February via a video on his website (www.Bo4NC.com).  During the video and every day on the trail since then, Hines has made term limits a major tenet in his campaign platform, and it seems to be resonating in the district.

Currently in the battle over fundraising and endorsements, the young challenger Hines and Foxx are about even in fundraising.  On endorsements, Hines was recently endorsed by Turning Point conservative activist Ryan Fournier and curiously, Foxx was endorsed by freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who up until endorsing Foxx had claimed to be a fierce proponent of term limits.