“Eat the rich!”

It’s an incredibly popular saying nowadays, and it has been for years.

When I was a kid and punk music was the only thing I listened to, this saying was something I could get behind.

I even wrote it on my skateboard.

But I was a dumb kid…

I didn’t understand anything as a teenager, let alone the intricacies of the economic system of Capitalism. I just knew I wasn’t rich and I was resentful towards kids who had brand new cars and all the coolest clothes.

Now, I wasn’t exactly “poor” either. While my family and I did spend time in a trailer park, I never wanted for anything—but it was enough that I was around people who had more than I did.

Luckily, I grew up…and with age comes wisdom.

I’ve learned over the years that being rich isn’t a symptom of what’s wrong with society.

If anything, it’s a cure.

Success in business or any other private venture shouldn’t be something we look down upon. It should be lifted up as the ideal because there is nothing stopping us from reaching that ideal except ourselves.

It took me years to realize that wealth isn’t finite.

Just because somebody has a lot of money doesn’t mean they’re keeping it out of the hands of somebody else.

The Left Can’t Stand Success

However, this is how exactly the Left thinks…

Leftists are fully under the impression that anyone that has over a million dollars is too greedy and should give up their wealth to others who are less fortunate…unless, of course, they’re rich Leftists, in which case they don’t really talk about money or “paying their fair share.”

The Left wants the rich to pay more taxes than the average person, even though the top 1% pay almost 50% of the taxes. That seems like a LOT, especially seeing as ALL Americans reap the benefits of the same taxes.

Even so, this doesn’t seem to be enough for them, so they villainize the rich.

They say that millionaires and billionaires shouldn’t exist, and demand that the government take their money and redistribute it.


Well, there’s a simple reason, and we’ve seen this play out multiple times over history, especially in countries where socialism takes root.

You’ve likely heard of the Bolsheviks if you’re a student of European history.

Vladimir Lenin’s party felt that the working class wouldn’t gain power by fighting for higher wages or fewer hours of work, which is why they decided a revolution was the only way for workers to take REAL power.

Estimates put the death toll of the Bolshevik Revolution anywhere from 8 to 61 million, with the general consensus saying that 15 to 20 million is more accurate.

And who do you think were the first targets?

If you said, “the rich and wealthy,” give yourself a gold star.

Hitler Blamed The Rich, Too

Is that not enough to paint the picture?

Adolph Hitler villainized the Jews, blaming them for all that was wrong with Germany after the defeat in World War I.

Hitler’s hatred gained traction and led to one of the greatest horrors of the 20th Century. Why do you think he focused his venom and vitriol towards the Jews?

They held a lot of wealth…wealth that the Nazis proceeded to confiscate once they took power.

That confiscation was authorized by a law passed in 1938—“The Decree for the Reporting of Jewish-Owned Property”—and it forced Jews to give up their money, roughly 120 billion Deutsche Marks, in order to pay for the war effort.

Can you guess what happened to the Jews as soon as all their wealth was stolen from them?

Now, the Left will say comparing what happened to Russians and German Jews to today’s vilification of the rich (and the Right) is heavy-handed, and they insist that this could NEVER happen here in the US during the 21st Century.

Except they never give a reason for why it couldn’t happen.

We’ve got people in power that actually believe that the wealth SHOULD be redistributed…

They attack the Right and the rich (except for those that support their cause) every chance they get.

Their reason?

They want a classless society.

They don’t want upper, middle, and lower; they just want TWO classes…

The government and the equally poor.

That’s it. They want to become rulers and the only way they can do so is if America becomes a socialist country.

This is just the beginning.

Make no mistake: socialism isn’t coming to America…it’s already here. And we need to do whatever we can to stop it from taking root.

It starts with the fabrication of an enemy that doesn’t exist…

And ends in death and oppression.


“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” – Norman Thomas


Editor’s Note:

As the Left continues to vilify the rich here in the US, the idea that there should be NO success becomes more and more accepted by the young and foolish. However, that doesn’t mean the door to success has been closed just yet. There are still ways for Americans to become wealthy—and we may have just discovered one of the last of the “easy” ways to do it. It’s an idea that could bring our country into the future and ANYBODY can get wealthy from it. Watch this short video and see what your first step to becoming one of the wealthy is. Watch the video here…