This one is going to make you scratch your head for days, or at the very least roll your eyes so hard that you may detach a retina.


If this story doesn’t prove that things are getting out of hand, then NOTHING will.

There are people who actively search out “social injustice”—or what we here in reality like to call “non-criminal activity.”

By modern woke standards, “social injustice” is anything, anywhere that makes a marginalized person of a different race, color, or sexual identity feel somehow wronged or offended, whether it was done on purpose or accidentally.

It’s one of those things that has become part of society thanks to the rise of political correctness. It’s not wanted, and most times it’s unneeded—but unfortunately, there’s nothing we can really do about it other than accept that it’s a thing and move forward.

Here’s the thing…

Not all social justice is bad. It can at times lead to some very positive changes in our society—but the fact that people are constantly looking for even the SMALLEST slights is what’s ruining what could be a legitimate vehicle for change.

Things Are Getting Out Of Hand!

When you start banning iconic brands like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben because they “uphold systemic racism,” things are getting out of hand.

However, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will top this next instance of woke social justice activism. It may be the weirdest and most ridiculous one you’ve ever heard—at least this week.

What happened?

Well, as we speak, the staff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been making plans to remove a 70-ton boulder at the request of their Black Student Union.

They’re not getting rid of it because it’s in the way, not because somebody wrote something racist on it, and not even because it was NAMED for a racist or “colonizer.”

The whole fuss arose because this rock on campus was once called a racist term 100 years ago.

You truly can’t make this stuff up, folks.

See, what caused this ruckus was the fact that the 70-ton boulder, known as Chamberlin Rock after Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, a geologist and former university president, has nothing to do with the rock itself, but rather what ALL rocks of its kind were called by a less enlightened society.

In a 1925 news article in the Wisconsin State Journal, Chamberlin Rock was referred to as a “n****rhead,” a disgusting, yet commonly used expression back in the day used to describe any large dark rock.

The Rock Is Racist Because A Racist Called It A Racist Term… I Think

Now, obviously, nobody would call a rock something that grotesque nowadays, but the Americans of 100 years ago weren’t as enlightened in the ways of racial relations. Even so, the students of UW-Madison want to hold the past up to today’s standards and are demanding that the rock be removed.

The Wisconsin Black Student Union are the ones calling for the rock’s removal, and chapter President Nalah McWhorter said the rock is a symbol of the daily injustices that students of color face on a predominantly white campus.

And that’s where we are folks…

We’re not just canceling shows and people now. We’re canceling rocks – even when they technically have done nothing wrong.

This may be the most disgusting misuse of social justice I have ever seen…but that’s the way of things in 2020.

Don’t worry.

Something else will top it soon enough. The Left knows NO bounds when it comes to what offends them.

Including rocks, apparently.

I’m still shaking my head over this one.


“There is not Communism or Marxism, but representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy.” – Fidel Castro