If you’re a conservative or a Trump supporter, then you know how much the mainstream media HATES our president.

At this point, they’re not even trying to hide their distaste and downright loathing for Trump anymore – and there are tons of studies that show just how biased they are.


As valued news sources, you’d think that they’d at LEAST report on news that is beneficial to the American people – but again, they let their baseless hate of the president get in the way.

But it makes sense…

They don’t want to report on ANYTHING that could paint the president in a favorable light, so even when he does something of note they ignore it and instead look for dirt to report on.

It’s the only way they can get clicks, views, and likes, apparently.

And the recent news out of the White House would do EXACTLY that.

Ever since Trump tried to get America a better deal with China by addressing the imbalance in the trade deficit and we entered into a trade war…

The mainstream media and their supposed financial experts have been raking the POTUS across the coals.

Orange Man BAD!

They said that the trade war was going to ruin the US economy and that Trump was being egotistical in thinking that he’d be able to get a better deal than what we had.

There isn’t a Democrat on Capitol Hill that didn’t try to find a way to discredit his ideas…

Even though, as evidence shows, China needs our money a LOT more than we need their inexpensive goods.

There are other countries in the world that will give us similar manufacturing deals, and Trump is simply putting the pressure on China to be more competitive …

It’s called a free market.

We can go where we want to go, and, if the need arises, we’ll take our money to a country that will reciprocate and buy our goods as well.

Vietnam, South Korea, Mexico…

There are plenty of places that can give us the prices and goods that we need. That’s what having a trade partnership means.

Quid pro quo, right?

Well, Trump just took care of a good portion of the trade that we’re losing due to the trade war by signing a trade agreement with Japan.

Trump and representatives from The Land of the Rising Sun signed what is being called “the New U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement” and “the U.S.-Japan Digital Trade Agreement.”

The non-digital trade agreement included agriculture sales, helping the farmers that the mainstream media said Trump was ignoring as collateral damage in the trade war with China.

The US And Japan Signed A FAIR Deal

In a statement said after the signing, “So, we’re gathered here at the White House this afternoon to discuss a very strong and groundbreaking achievement for the United States and Japan. They will create countless jobs, expand investment commerce, reduce our trade deficit very substantially, promote fairness and reciprocity, and unlock opportunities for growth.”

This is an actual trade agreement that is beneficial to BOTH countries…

As it should be.

However, do you think that the mainstream media covered it at all?

The answer?


And by barely, we mean 11 seconds worth.

“President Trump signed a limited trade deal with Japan today. It restores benefits that U.S. farmers lost when he withdrew from a broader agreement, negotiated by the Obama administration,” PBS reported.

And do you see the spin they tried to put on it?

“…a limited trade deal…” and “… withdrew from a broader agreement negotiated by Obama”.

Why not just say, “Trump signed a trade deal that isn’t good enough by our standards, and nothing he does will EVER be good enough, so deal with it”- if that’s what you really mean?


Why not say, “Trump is bad, Obama is good and did a better job getting us a BIGGER deal”?

Why sugarcoat it?

These people have no idea how these trade deals work and obviously don’t care about how badly America was getting SCREWED by China…

But come on, give the guy a break.

Report on something good about Trump for once.

We dare you…


“Animals don’t hate, and we’re supposed to be better than them.” ― Elvis Presley