Before Joe Biden takes credit for the impending economic boom, let’s give credit where credit’s due – to former President Trump.

The USA was flying high before the pandemic hit, with record-highs in the stock market, record-low unemployment for Black, Hispanic, and Asian-Americans as well as women, and many other economic feats.

If it were not for Trump’s economic policies, which included major tax cuts, cutting the red tape, push for USA-made products, and implementing incentives, the economy would not have stayed as stable as it did throughout the past year of unprecedented government-imposed lockdowns.

Even after the pandemic hit, the economy was still strong considering the circumstances. We did not enter a major recession or depression, which can be credited to the economic foundation Trump built prior to March 2020 and the government bailouts given to keep businesses afloat last year.

It only makes sense that as the country continues to reopen at a rapid pace ahead of summer, that the economy would see a boost in added jobs.

In fact, the private sector reportedly added 517,000 new jobs nationally in March, which marks the biggest gain in six months, the ADP reported Wednesday



Midsized businesses saw the biggest gain with 188,000 jobs, while small businesses came in second with 174,000. Big businesses saw the slowest increase with about 155,000 jobs.

Industries that hired the most in March were hospitality, trade and transportation, professional and business, education, healthcare, and financial services.

Once again, Americans are traveling, doing business, going back to school, and resuming life as normal it seems, according to the report.

As long as the media doesn’t hype up another “surge” or “new variant”, this trend is sure to continue throughout the year as we return to the pre-pandemic economy.


The U.S. economy is rebounding faster than experts predicted, as the March jobs report unveiled Friday by the Labor Department indicates.

Job growth increased by 916,000 nonfarm payrolls while the national unemployment rate fell to just six percent last month.

The March report marks the highest gains the U.S. has seen since 1.58 million jobs that were added in August 2020 before growth significantly slowed amid the presidential election.

Industries that saw the highest gains include the hospitality, education, construction, and restaurant sectors.

The strong report indicating a rapidly accelerating return to pre-pandemic levels comes after President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion stimulus package and vaccinations became more widely available.

While the U.S. is still at least eight million jobs away from record-low unemployment levels last seen before the pandemic under Trump’s presidency, Americans seem to be resuming life as normal as jobs continue to return.