Americans are fighting back against the Biden administration’s nationwide vaccine mandate by hitting pro-jab companies where it hurts them the most: their pocketbooks.

Instead of complying with their employers’ medical tyranny, employees of United Airlines are taking action against the airline for its “draconian” vaccine coercion measures.

A group of six United Airlines employees revealed on Wednesday that they are suing the company for violating their rights to non-discrimination for religious and medical reasons, as protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“We filed this lawsuit to protect the rights of honest, hardworking United Airlines employees who have religious or medical reasons not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine,” Mark Paoletta, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, said in a statement to Fox Business.

Paoletta added that the airline has refused to offer accommodations to unvaccinated employees, who object to vaccination for religious or medical reasons, to remain employed, and instead has opted to intimidate them into compliance.

“United has refused to grant any accommodations and these employees are scared by United’s draconian mandate that forces them to either get the vaccine or lose their job. That’s unacceptable in America,” the attorney stated.

Paoletta argued that this case has nothing to do with how effective the vaccine is or any mandate the company may implement as it has more to do with United’s flagrant disregard for their religious and medical rights under U.S. law.

“This is not about how effective the vaccines are or whether United may mandate vaccination. The fact is that some people have sincere religious objections to the COVID-19 vaccine, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires employers to respect and accommodate those beliefs. United has failed to do this,” Paoletta said.

Backing up these claims, the attorney stated that some airline workers “have special medical conditions” that doctors have recommended they do not get vaccinated, Fox Business reported.

As of August, more than half of United’s 67,000 employees were not vaccinated which could lead to big problems for employees that face losing their jobs and benefits if they do not get the Covid-19 vaccine. If they don’t comply with the vaccine requirement by Sept. 27, they will be placed on six years of unpaid leave.