Is there a limit to the Left’s demands?

Universal health care, free college tuition, free food, guaranteed government jobs (if they want one)…

And now, the Left is pushing for universal basic income — or UBI for short.

UBI … sounds like an infection you could catch from sitting on the wrong toilet seat.

The truth is — it’s not that far off from an infection, as UBI would be a disaster to the American economy. And worse, it would destroy the American way of life.

That’s what the Left is now pushing, especially from Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang.

Good Guy, Bad Idea

Yang is an author and quasi-entrepreneur who may have just recently burst onto the campaign scene. But he has been on the outskirts of politics since winning President Barack Obama’s

“Champion of Change” award after his startup nonprofit, Venture for America, began to gain recognition.

Yang is a likable guy and doesn’t come off as a hypocrite like candidates Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren do. But as smart and as centrist as he is…

He’s still a liberal fruitcake.

Hence his pushing of UBI.

His argument for UBI is sound…

He believes that there is a genuine need for UBI because many Americans are losing and will lose their jobs to the increase of robotics and automation that more and more industries are turning to.

He’s even got a nifty name for it too…

The “Freedom Dividend.”

The Freedom Dividend would put $1,000 each month in the pocket of every American over the age of 18 in the hopes that the money will give citizens the freedom to “follow their dreams.”

Yang is hoping that the UBI he wants the government to give to Americans will inspire them to become artists or musicians or Guinness Book of World Record Holders…

And no, that’s not a joke.

He thinks that by ensuring people have enough money to have shelter and food (which $1,000 wouldn’t even cover, by the way), they’ll spend more time trying to do something they WANT to do rather than something they feel like they HAVE to do.

He’s wrong … and there’s proof.

Proof That UBI Wouldn’t Work

How do we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that UBI wouldn’t inspire people to chase their own personal butterflies?

Because of the fact that a large majority of the 8.5 million people on disability are not following their dreams…

Their entire life is being subsidized by the U.S. government. Not taking into account those with mental disabilities, that leaves millions of Americans who are quite content not doing anything.

They’re fine with getting the money they need to live and leaving it at that.

There’s an overwhelming amount of people on disability who have the freedom and mental capacity to follow their dreams, but don’t…

Which is absolute proof that free money will not automatically inspire people to go out and become the next Bob Ross or Pavarotti.

However, liberals believe they will…

Liberals think that throwing other people’s money at a problem is the best way to solve it. That’s not the case.

The only way people chase their actual dreams is if they have the courage to do it … regardless of the cost. If somebody is going to chase their dreams, they’re going to do so whether it costs them

their rent or food money.

People with the fortitude to chase their dreams … will.

The other problem with this idea?

It assumes that everybody HAS a dream…

Some people are completely content doing absolutely nothing. And giving these people a thousand bucks every month isn’t going to change that. It’s simply going to entice them to be lazy.

UBI sounds good in theory…

But in practice, it would be a disaster.

It wouldn’t inspire people to become more — it would incentivize them to be less. It would undermine the American work ethic that built our nation into the most powerful entity on the planet.

That would be devastating…

So, no, Andrew Yang — we don’t want your Freedom Dividend because it would just enslave us to you and the rest of the federal government.

Keep your dividend…

We’re fine keeping our freedom.


“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” ― Mahatma Gandhi