United Airlines intends to ignore a federal court ruling that placed an injunction against the airline’s tyrannical Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

United CEO Scott Kirby confirmed on a Wednesday segment on CBS that he intends to move forward with laying off 232 workers who will not get the Covid-19 vaccine, Daily Mail reported.

Of the airline’s 67,000 employees, 2,000 filed a medical or religious exemption for the vaccine mandate issued Aug. 6, and 232 remained unvaccinated but did not file an exemption.

This comes after U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman issued a temporary restraining order against United, preventing it from placing employees who are seeking medical and religious exemptions on unpaid leave.

The order, which protects employees during ongoing litigation, means the airline will not be allowed to place them on unpaid leave them until Oct. 26 when the order expires.

It also blocks the airline from denying any employee requests for these exemptions, addressing the airline’s rule that workers could not apply for an exemption after Aug. 31, according to Breitbart.

The ruling came as the result of a federal lawsuit filed by employees who argued that unpaid leave is an unreasonable accommodation for their exemptions.

While this ongoing legal battle is good news for unvaccinated individuals whose rights are being trampled on by their employers, it is concerning that the protections do not extend to unvaccinated employees who simply reject the mandate for personal reasons.

Thus far, what this court battle shows is that religious and medical freedoms are being protected under the law, but personal objections are not.

Despite similar mandates being considered unconstitutional in almost any other context, somehow forcing American workers to get a largely experimental vaccine has not yet been determined to be a violation of their individual liberties.

Companies like United are throwing out the right to privacy and the freedom guaranteed to us in America’s founding documents to enforce a vaccine mandate simply because a tyrannical federal government asked them to. Remember, there is as of now no mandate from the federal government—simply a suggestion, and “coming guidance” on the matter.

However, even if and when the Biden administration does force vaccines on American companies, there is no excuse for them to comply.

Our constitution supersedes any arbitrary guidance published by the federal government.