That’s definitely the word of the week—and there’s no other way to describe how the American withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled.

As of right now, there are no American military boots on the ground in Afghanistan…and that’s not good.

The departure of the military has left over 100 American citizens, possibly more, trapped there without protection, and their fate has been left up to mercies of people who view them as enemies and targets.

However, as if leaving Americans stranded wasn’t bad enough, they aren’t the only people left unprotected. There are also an estimated 6,000 British citizens stuck in Afghanistan without any means of extradition.

But despite this shared emergency, Biden’s administration has had almost ZERO communication with the British government, leaving the country completely in the dark about timelines and strategies for getting their people home.

Seriously, the British military had no information about what the US was doing for the entire withdrawal process. No timelines were given and no preparations were made with NATO forces (which had more personnel on the ground than the US did).

And of course, when the time came to begin the process, chaos predictably broke out, prompting many to ask why there was no communication.

This lack of communication was a HUGE misstep on Biden’s part, and now the British government has taken official actions to condemn his handling of this entire debacle.

The UK’s Parliament has voted to hold the sitting President of the United States in contempt after several impassioned and bipartisan denunciations.

This is NOT a good development, especially seeing as Britain has been one of America’s staunchest and most steadfast allies.

How Biden didn’t think to let the British know what he was planning is still a mystery.

It gets worse, though, as it was recently revealed by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan that Biden had not spoken to ANY world leaders about the pullout from Afghanistan…not a single one.

Talk about SHOCKING.

He’s far from the being the “Great Communicator” that Ronald Reagan was. The clandestine nature with which he undertook this pullout is dereliction of duty at the HIGHEST level.

But it’s par for the course from the man that’s come to be known as “Hidin’” Biden.

Of course, Biden did eventually talk to his UK counterparts…but it was much too late.

Sullivan admitted that Sleepy Joe apparently DID talk to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson…it just took him 36 hours to get around to answering the call.

For a timeline of these events, this tweet by POLITICO London editor Alex Wickham says it all:

No wonder the UK Parliament has held Biden in contempt.

Can you imagine if the shoe were on the other foot?

We’d be LIVID…and rightfully so!

Joe Biden is destroying relationships that have helped keep America safe for a century or more. If he’ll do this to one of our most powerful allies…how would he treat our weakest?

He is destroying the reputation of the US, and it doesn’t even seem like he cares about it.

Almost as if this were the plan all along.

Biden’s actions are leaving the United States in a precarious position. Uncertainty and distrust have been growing in the minds of our allies and with the perception of weakness that Joe Biden is projecting, we are now unable to strike fear or awe into our enemies.

It’s official: Joe Biden is the mess the Left predicted Trump would be.

At least when Trump’s presidency was done, the country came out of it stronger and more respected (or feared, whichever you choose) then when he went in.

And all that work he did during those four years seems to have been for NOTHING. It’s only taken Bloody Joe Biden 8 months to tear it all down.


We ca only hope our allies will forgive us and that our enemies forget how incompetent Biden is – because if they don’t, we’re in for a rough couple of years.


“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing… after they’ve tried everything else.” Winston Churchill