You know Western society is at the height of privilege when the term “breast milk” has become triggering.

On Monday, the U.K.’s Brighton and Sussex Maternity ward tweeted they are recommending their staff use language that supports “trans and non-binary birthing people.”

To celebrate “gender inclusion at BSUH Maternity services,” the ward announced the launch of “the UK’s first clinical and language guidelines supporting trans and non-binary birthing people,” they wrote in a statement.

They intend to support “trans and non-binary (including agender, bigender, and genderqueer) people” by using non-gender specific terms to replace “breast milk.”

The new guidelines encourage English midwives and nurses to use terms such as “human milk” or “chest milk” to be more trans-friendly.

The maternal ward will also now be known as the “perinatal services department” to provide “inclusive, respectful perinatal care to all pregnant women and people.”

Yes, even though the two sexes, men and women, both biologically have “breasts,” the transgender community has deemed it as non-gender inclusive.

Of course, men’s breasts function differently than women’s, but all humans have them nonetheless.

The fact that I’m even spelling this out here is truly a sign of the times.

Furthermore, according to Stonewall, an LGBTQ advocacy group, only about 600,000 individuals out of 60 million U.K. citizens identify as transgender, which is about one percent of the entire population.

That means that even less than that one percent of the trans community can biologically give birth.

Brighton and Sussex Maternity ward is changing the language they use to appease a fraction of that one percent of the population.

Meanwhile, 99% of the women who are treated at their hospitals will effectively be de-gendered against their will because of a few people who deny they are female.

This should outrage women in modern society who grew up learning about the struggles women before them endured to gain recognition in society – just to have it taken away in 2021 by the woke “trans community.” Women are slowly being erased from the language in modern society and powerful institutions are caving to the Left’s progressive demands. If there are no “women,” then there are no “women’s rights,” which should deeply concern feminists around the world.