A return to normal.

That’s all the vast majority of Americans truly want at this moment in time. The pandemic changed our world in ways that nobody could have anticipated, and all we want is to go back to the way things were.


I’m not just talking about masks or social distancing or vaccines or any of that stuff.

I’m talking the normal, everyday American life, like going to stores, parties, or public events.

How many times have you gone on social media and seen somebody post about missing concerts?

I can’t go on Facebook or Instagram and NOT see one of my friends or acquaintances describing how much they miss seeing live music…and I can understand, because I miss it too.

However, most of my friends are guys and former athletes…so, of course, they miss sports just a little bit more.

Sports have been weird since the pandemic started, haven’t they?

The New Normal In Sports

We went through a year where the NBA, NHL, MLB, and the NFL all played abbreviated seasons, which was bad enough, but the fact that fans weren’t allowed in the building really made it weird.

Instead, we cardboard cutouts and video screens in the stands while sports fans everywhere watched from home.

It was underwhelming, to say the least…

However, when all the rest of the sports world was shut down, one sports league decided to keep running: the UFC.

Now, this probably doesn’t surprise anybody.

The company’s president, Dana White, is good friends with former President Donald Trump, so we know that his politics lean to the Right—meaning White has a little more backbone than, say, the NFL owners.

While everybody was shutting down or shortening their seasons, White and the UFC decided to continue holding fights—though, with COVID restrictions, no crowds were allowed in the building.

The UFC was the first sports league to start running again after the initial lockdowns…and this past weekend they became the first sport to run a FULLY fan-attended event since the beginning of the pandemic over a year ago.

Over 15,000 screaming MMA fans filled the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, with the blessing of Governor Ron DeSantis, who attended this groundbreaking event that also set a record for the arena’s attendance.

&*$% The New Normal

For many MMA fans, it was a much-needed return to normalcy, not just those who were attending, but also for the fans that were watching around the world. We all got to experience the event like we always have: with a live and raucous crowd cheering on their favorite fighters in the cage…and it was glorious.

It was an incredible event. All three of the title fights ended in a stoppage (which rarely happens nowadays), so the crowd definitely got their money’s worth—and so did those that bought the PPV.

White said after the event, “I don’t think it gets any better than tonight. You couldn’t have a better night… It was amazing. The crowd was amazing. The fights were amazing… There’s just a different energy you get when people are here. It was insane.”

And he’s right…

You could practically feel it, even hundreds or thousands of miles away through your TV screen.

On the one hand, you have Joe Biden saying that America can’t even have Independence Day celebrations again this year; on the other, you’ve got Florida throwing an incredible event to show the rest of the country (and world) that we don’t need to live in fear.

Does it surprise you that it was a friend of Donald Trump working with Ron DeSantis to make this all happen?

Does it surprise you that Liberals are afraid to live their lives?

Does it surprise you that it’s Conservatives pushing back against the “new normal” that the Left wants us to accept?

Of course not…

Congratulations to Dana White and the UFC for putting on one hell of a show…

Congratulations to Ron DeSantis and the city of Jacksonville for hosting the event that brought money into the city and state…

And CONGRATULATIONS to America for just getting back a little piece of the normalcy we all crave…

How does it feel?


“My actions will speak louder than words.” – Ron DeSantis