Conservative voices are silenced on social media. That is not a shocking revelation. Shadow-banning, demonetization, and even outright account deactivation are all commonplace for conservative-leaning people and organizations.

Still, it’s always sad to see someone punished for reporting the unbiased truth—especially when that person is a legitimate journalist pursuing a story.

Twitter has suspended journalist James O’Keefe—emphasis on “journalist,” because O’Keefe is not a political activist as the Left claims— for recently posting undercover footage of a deranged Bernie Sanders campaign worker.

Twitter informed O’Keefe that he was being suspended from their service for supposedly posting other people’s private information “without their express authorization and permission.”

O’Keefe had posted a tweet calling for a Washington Post reporter to retract an inaccurate report about O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas.

The Daily Wire reported, “‘The tweet in question was sent on January 22 and was a retraction request to WAPO reporter Dave Weigel who had inaccurately reported about our #Expose2020 Sanders campaign investigation,’ O’Keefe said in a statement to The Daily Wire. ‘Weigel said the subjects of our investigations were campaign volunteers, not true.’

‘To prove the inaccuracy our Tweet linked to a page found on the Federal Election Commission website showing the volunteer was in fact a paid staffer of the Sanders campaign. The Post reporter retracted his story,’ O’Keefe continued. ‘The information we reported is in the public domain, there is nothing ‘private’ about it.’”

Last month, Project Veritas released footage of an undercover video in which they exposed a radical Bernie Sanders staffer.

The following is a partial recap as reported by Breitbart:

The video begins with a Project Veritas journalist asking an individual identified as Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek if ‘MAGA people’ could be re-educated if Sanders wins the White House. ‘We gotta try,’ Jurek replies. ‘In Nazi Germany, after the fall of the Nazi Party, there was a s**t-ton of the populace that was f***ing Nazified.

‘Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their f***ing people to not be Nazis,’ he continues. ‘We’re probably going to have to do the same f***ing thing here.’

‘That’s kind of what all Bernie’s whole f***ing like, ‘hey, free education for everybody’ because we’re going to have to teach you to not be a f***ing Nazi,’ he added.

In another part of the video, Jurek is seen discussing Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin’s use of gulags, where he claims that the CIA was overly critical of them. ‘People were actually paid a living wage in the gulags. They have conjugal visits in gulags. Gulags were meant for re-education,’ he says.”

Project Veritas has uncovered many stories that paint the Left in a bad light, and for that, they are being suspended on Twitter. What a shock.

Last year, they reported that JP Morgan Chase was targeting the bank accounts of conservatives, which should send a chill up the spine of every conservative who has a Chase account.

“Undercover audio confirmed that censorship against conservative bank accounts is occurring: ‘Chase is not involved with any like, you know, alt right people or anything. I really can’t name names but it’s basically like we don’t get involved with any of that.’

Those were the recorded words of an employee of JPMorgan Chase, at their world headquarters.

Enrique Tarrio…,Rebel Media contributor Martina Markota, anti-Sharia journalist Laura Loomer, and vocal Trump supporter Joe Biggs have all had their bank accounts closed.

Journalism is dead in America; the Left has killed it. This Twitter ban of legitimate journalism is the latest example.

Let’s hope for all our sakes that Twitter reverses course before it’s too late.