On the same day of the first hearing held by the Democrats’ partisan Jan. 6 commission, Twitter has suspended two accounts related to Maricopa County’s election audit currently underway.

On Tuesday, Twitter suspended both the official Arizona Audit account that has nearly 100,000 followers as well as another one called Audit War Room that has roughly 46,000 followers.

Since the audit began in Maricopa County earlier this year, the Arizona Audit account has provided official updates and statements from the Republican state lawmakers who are overseeing the investigation.

Audit War Room has provided similar updates on the audit as well as more unofficial information regarding Arizona’s ongoing audit.

Twitter has not provided any additional reasoning as to why they were suspended simultaneously on Tuesday besides the generic message that “Twitter suspends accounts that violate Twitter Rules.”

But something tells me that neither account did anything specific to trigger the arbitrary suspension, as four other audit-related accounts were also suspended from the platform.

Audit War Room accounts for Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia were all suspended on Twitter within minutes of the Arizona election audit accounts.

Clearly, Twitter issued a coordinated suspension of all audit-related accounts that provide news and updates regarding current and potential election audits.

It seems as if the timing was intentionally coordinated with the Jan. 6 Commission hearing that kicked off on Tuesday where lawmakers heard from Capitol Police on the events of that day.

The Jan. 6 riots were triggered by feelings that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, leading dozens of people to storm the Capitol to protest against the election results being certified.

Now that White House Press Secretary has openly admitted last week that the government is working with Big Tech to stop 12 specific accounts, commonly followed by those arrested in relation to Jan. 6, from spreading “disinformation,” it comes as no surprise that the crackdown would begin on the same day as the hearing.

However, it is unclear whether the audit accounts are part of the list of 12 influencers the Biden Administration has identified as “disinformation” spreaders.

Separately, FreedomWire’s own YouTube channel received a strike for posting a podcast discussing election integrity in Fulton County, Georgia. If we receive three strikes within 90 days, our entire channel could be deleted. The video itself was forcibly deleted, but an audio-only version is available on Spotify HERE.