In a desperate attempt to cover up the Democrats’ cheating scheme also known as mail-in voter fraud, Twitter has silenced yet another member of the Trump campaign just hours before the final presidential debate.

While Big Tech thinks they are doing the Left a favor by perpetuating the narrative that voter fraud isn’t real, all it really shows is how much of a threat they think the Trump campaign is to their chances at winning the election.

They are undoubtedly terrified that Trump is gaining support and will win on November 3rd, so much so that they are censoring all who dare go against their narrative.

On Thursday night, Twitter temporarily suspended White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley after he posted photo evidence of a mail-in ballot sent to his home in someone else’s name. The ballot came addressed to someone by the name of “Daniel,” who Gidley says is a former resident who last lived there eight years ago.

Twitter quickly locked Gidley out of his account for tweeting, “Got ‘my’…uh wait…no… “Daniel’s” ballot in the mail?!? Who is that? Apparently it’s a former tenant who hasn’t lived in the unit for 8 YEARS!!! But yeah, sure…the mainstream media is correct…unsolicited vote-by-mail is ‘totally safe.’,” Fox News reported.

Although the original tweet is now deleted, Gidley slammed the platform’s censorship of his account.

“I, like many other Americans, received a ballot in the mail that was not meant for me. Twitter suspended my account for simply posting about it. This censorship is insanity. We must continue to expose and fight Big Tech’s clear bias against conservatives who speak the truth,” Gidley tweeted.

Twitter has now suspended White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the official Team Trump campaign account, and Trump Campaign Press Secretary Hogan Gidley all within the past week.

On top of that, we also got the indefinite suspension of the New York Post following their bombshell story on Hunter Biden’s emails.

While I could go on about how outrageous it is that Twitter, which is supposed to be a free speech platform, can simply declare it open season on anyone on the right, Senator Ted Cruz described it perfectly.

Twitter’s rampant censorship is “Silicon Valley oligarchs declaring the authority to determine what the press is allowed to report, and who’s allowed to see it,” Cruz said during an interview with Glenn Beck.

It’s as simple as that. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey thinks he is the authority on what gets reported as news. He has essentially declared himself the arbiter of truth and journalistic integrity. Dorsey gets to decide if the Hunter Biden email story is valid, if mail-in voter fraud is real, or if any of it should have the chance to be reported.

It is pertinent that the Senate Judiciary Committee follows through on their promise to bring in Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg for questioning. Although they have voted to subpoena the Silicon Valley duo, it is time we see decisive, swift action taken to break up Big Tech and stop the censorship.