With no respect to our freedoms in this country, airlines and related unions are reportedly asking the Transportation Security Administration, one of American’s most hated government agencies, to extend a mask mandate on public modes of transportation, particularly for air travel.

The airline industry is pressing the TSA to extend the legally enforceable mask mandate on travelers in airports and on airplanes beyond its summer expiration date, which was imposed in compliance with Biden’s federal face mask mandate and CDC guidance.

The TSA’s February mandate requiring passengers to wear face masks for all air travel is set to expire May 11, but airlines are pushing for an extension to “keep passengers and aviation workers safe.”

“We’ve made tremendous efforts to get the pandemic under control, but we’re not quite there yet,” said Sara Nelson, international president of Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. “That’s why we must continue the TSA enforcement directive for the CDC transportation mask mandate to keep passengers and aviation workers safe,” The Hill reported.

When asked for comment, TSA told the outlet it does not have an announcement to make regarding an extension beyond the original sunset date.

Airlines’ request to issue an extension of the mandate comes amid an uptick in noncompliance with mask-wearing since vaccines became available late last year.

Nelson said that since mid-2020, crew members have seen “a notable increase in the frequency and intensity of disruptive passenger incidents” which have only increased in 2021.

Some airlines have even changed the verbiage in their airplane boarding safety remarks to include language along the lines of “even if you are vaccinated, you must continue to wear a face mask for the safety of those around you,” regardless of the CDC having lifted some restrictive mask and travel guidance on vaccinated individuals.

Understandably, vaccinated Americans want to resume life as normal without restriction, but that’s not what they’re getting even though they went out on a limb to get a relatively untested vaccine in order to have more freedom.

Many people who got it for that reason are probably asking themselves “what was the point?” right about now.

But this is the point anti-mask mandate conservatives have been making for a year—mandates are more about control than “science” or “safety.” Despite inconclusive science and Fauci-flip-flops on the matter, people in positions of power across America still imposed senseless mask mandates, depriving citizens of the ability to make that personal choice for themselves.

This is what happens when people would rather comply than stand up to a tyrannical government – they risk permanently ceding more freedom as is the case in any time of crisis. The government will never waste an opportunity to seize on weakness and grab power from the people.