Being the helpful person he’s always been, Trump decided to give President Biden some advice for his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

You know, not many people give Trump enough credit for his generosity, but the fact is, Trump has a track record of giving help to people when they’re in need.

Living in Florida for 42 years, you hear stories of Trump’s generosity to friends, relatives, and strangers.

For example, did you ever hear the story about Trump getting a flat tire and a stranger happened along to help change it and send Trump on his way?

Do you know what Trump did?

He found out this man’s address and what he owed on his house and he paid it off.

That’s a HUGE reward for simply changing a tire.

But it’s not so much about the deed itself, but the motivation to help that inspired the former POTUS to take such action.

Now, if there’s one thing we’ve learned about 45 over the past few years, it’s this: Trump can be one of the nicest guys in the world, but if you’re mean, disrespectful, dishonest, or if you attack him, he will respond in kind.

Trump Comes as Advertised

Some people see this as him being petty, and that a man of his station or stature should be able to rise above that pettiness.

But they forget, Trump is a New Yorker that cut his teeth in the construction business, he’s a REAL guy, and he’s going to come back at you like he was taught, because, in his life, weakness doesn’t get rewarded…strength does.

One of the former president’s greatest gifts is his wit and his sarcasm, he wields them like weapons to great effect so when he views you as an enemy you can expect to feel the deep cuts of his biting tongue… something that MANY Liberals and Leftists have felt over the past few years.

However, with the G7 Summit happening and Joe Biden making his first real appearance on the world stage as America’s sitting president, Trump decided to give Sleepy Joe some advice going into his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Now, this advice comes with a HEAVY dose of sarcasm, and some insults, but that doesn’t mean that the message doesn’t have some nuggets of wisdom sprinkled in it.

Trump’s Helpful Words

Trump’s email statement said, “As President, I had a very productive meeting in Helsinki, Finland with President Putin of Russia. Despite the belated Fake News portrayal of the meeting, the United States won much, including the respect of President Putin and Russia. Because of the phony Russia, Russia, Russia, Hoax–made-up and paid for by the Democrats and Crooked Hillary Clinton–the United States was put at a disadvantage – a disadvantage that was nevertheless overcome by me. As to who do I trust, they asked Russia or our “Intelligence” from the Obama era, meaning people like Comey, McCabe, the two lovers, Brennan, Clapper, and numerous other sleazebags, or Russia, the answer, after all, that was found out and written, should be obvious. Our government has rarely had lowlifes as these working for it. Good luck to Biden in dealing with President Putin – don’t fall asleep during the meeting and please give him my warmest regards!”

Now, believe it or not, telling Biden not to fall asleep during the meeting is sound advice, as we don’t know if his vitamin shot will wear off in the long days ahead.

Historically he is apt to do so. (Seriously… here’s a video of it. (WATCH HERE)

So, will Biden be able to bolster America’s image on the international stage? We can only pray he does.

The last thing we need is for the world to understand how weak we are with him at the helm, though, if I were a betting man, I would bet dollars to donuts that Putin can sniff out weakness like a bloodhound.

Here’s wishing the POTUS good luck! We are ALL going to need it.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Editor’s Note: As much as we hope Sleepy Joe will be able to have a good showing at the G7 – the fact of the matter is – not a lot of people have faith in the cognitively declining President. He’s leaving us open and promoting an image of weakness – leaving us ripe for the picking for many of America’s enemies. We can’t help get this feeling that something BIG is coming – something that could potentially be devastating to our country and way of life… and we’re not alone. Distinguished statesman, Ron Paul, has the same feeling, and he’s warning Americans that something is coming with the potential to destroy our country and if we don’t act soon – it’s going to come to fruition. Watch this short video where Ron Paul explains what’s coming and what we can do to prevent it and protect our families. Watch it HERE…