The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know when President Trump accomplishes anything, let alone something positive that directly impacts the lives of the American people.

But the fact is, regardless of criticism and ridicule the president never stops fighting for Americans, especially those who are being held hostage by evil regimes in foreign countries.

On Wednesday, the Arabian nation of Oman and President Trump brokered a deal between the US and Yemen, which resulted in the release of two Americans held hostage by Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The deal President Trump reached with Oman entailed the exchange of 240 Iran-backed Houthi loyalists for humanitarian aid worker Sandra Loli and businessman Mikael Gidada who were held captive for more than a year before their release was negotiated.

The remains of a third American, Bilal Fateen, who died in captivity, were also released back to American custody as part of the negotiation.

A Royal Oman Air Force plane carried the three out of Yemen and back to Oman, where they were then taken back to America.

Saudi Arabia was reportedly hesitant to agree to the deal as they opposed the release of the Houthi-rebel militants, however, the US worked to ensure they will not pose a threat, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Wednesday’s deal comes after the US brokered several peace deals this year normalizing relations in the Middle East among Saudi neighbors including the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Bahrain, Serbia, and Kosovo.

According to President Trump, the hostages’ release marks more than 50 Americans freed from over 22 countries since he took office in 2016.

This is a major feat that the mainstream media does not want to report simply because they dislike the sitting president. They refuse to acknowledge that countries like Iran or Yemen hate Americans and have no regard for human life.

Rather than celebrating the fact that more Americans get to return home from being held in sometimes torturous captivity, the media would rather act like it never happened.

Perhaps it has to do with the Democrats’ pay-to-play corruption schemes with evil regimes around the world, their disregard for Americans, or maybe their Trump Derangement Syndrome is just that bad.

Either way, it is worth acknowledging that Trump is one of the most successful presidents of all time when it comes to foreign policy. Not only is he achieving nearly impossible peace deals, but he is also bringing Americans home…and for that, at least, he deserves our thanks.