The media has been touting countless election polls showing President Trump trailing far behind Democrat hopeful Joe Biden. However, some data shows that their celebration might be premature. A new poll from a non-partisan organization indicates positive news for the Trump campaign if the election were held today.

The Democracy Institute, a non-partisan think tank, published a study for the Sunday Express that indicated that, if voters flocked to the polls right now, the president would win reelection. The poll conducted earlier this month surveyed 1,500 people who will likely vote as 38% Republican, 38% Democrat, and 24% Independent, according to the Institute’s turnout model.

The research proposes that the president would sweep the swing states, winning the Electoral College by a landslide. Hypothetically, Trump would win 309 delegates, with Biden behind at 229 delegates.

If this prediction holds up, Biden and Trump would split the popular vote with 47% each.

Perhaps the most telling piece of information the Democracy Institute poll found is a massive voter enthusiasm gap between the two candidates. 77% of Trump voters say they are “very enthusiastic”, whereas only 43% of Biden voters said the same.

This contradicts nearly every poll the Left touts. For example, a recent one from Real Clear Politics shows “you ain’t black” Biden leading Trump by nearly 9% among likely voters.

I just don’t see a Joe Biden win. I have faith that the majority of America can see that Joe Biden is mentally unfit for presidential office. He barely knows where he is half the time, he chastises potential voters, and he creeps on children. But beyond that, he also has extremely destructive policies. We cannot afford to have someone like Joe Biden in office and I don’t see how any rationally-thinking person could possibly bring themselves to go and vote for him.

Although most of the polls do not reflect a Trump win in November, people like the President of Liberty University Jerry Falwell believes evangelicals will come out in droves for the president – even more than in 2016.

Falwell was asked by Breitbart about his thoughts on the Democracy Institute findings on evangelical voters which indicates that 90% of Evangelical Christians support the president. He explained that he feels very confident about how Christians will vote in the upcoming election. Falwell explained that as a person who is around lots of evangelicals, “There’s no question about it. The Evangelical support [for Trump] has strengthened,” he said Christians are, “behind him 100% now.”

Christians make up a majority of America’s population, so if this poll is even remotely accurate, it could very accurately predict a Trump win. Especially combined with the voter enthusiasm results, and Electoral College prediction. As long as “faithless electors” are not at play in the Electoral College and we deter mail-in voting, Trump is on par for a red landslide in November.