President Trump has made a bold move showing his allegiance to the American people amid various intelligence reports that the World Health Organization intentionally ignored China’s role in the coronavirus outbreak.

On Monday night, President Trump announced via Twitter that he sent a brutal letter to the W.H.O, informing them that, if they do not “demonstrate independence from China,” he will make the current temporary freeze on funding from the United States into a permanent freeze. He will also consider withdrawing the United States’ membership from the organization entirely.

The letter sternly criticizes current W.H.O. Director-General Tedros’ leadership, clearly detailing more than a dozen ways that the W.H.O, in coordination with China, hid crucial information that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

Particularly, the letter accuses the organization of ignoring early reports, failing to investigate despite knowledge of human-to-human transmission, and giving the world false information. It also blames them for making politically-motivated statements favoring President Xi’s “transparency” while criticizing President Trump’s cautious response to the coronavirus.

It’s important to note that the United States is the W.H.O.’s biggest contributor. As of 2020, we give them more than $400 million dollars annually. That’s nearly a half-a-billion dollars, so you’d think they’d be able to tell us when our public health is threatened. They failed miserably.

How the W.H.O. responds to this letter will show what they truly value. If they do comply, it will be a huge win for not only the future of the American people, but of the entire world. Every country that has lost even a single life to the Chinese virus will have President Trump to thank. On the other hand, if the W.H.O chooses not to comply, it will show they would rather risk their very existence to prove their loyalty to China.

Remember, China lied, people died.

Following the scathing letter, President Trump moved on to repairing the unprecedented economic hit caused by the W.H.O.’s grossly inappropriate response to the Chinese virus.

On Tuesday, he signed a new executive order at a Cabinet meeting, where he addressed rolling back business regulations to stimulate or speed up the economy. The order directs federal agencies to “waive, suspend, and eliminate unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery.” He recommends the cuts be permanent wherever possible. The President also instructed the agencies to create “new rules that will create jobs and prosperity.”

This is a resoundingly positive sign that America returning to normal…and that’s a TRUE normal, not the “new normal” that naysayers keep predicting.

The President wants to give businesses as much flexibility as can be afforded, encouraging them to do what they need to do to get up and running again. It’s honestly close to a miracle that we are going to make it out of the lockdowns without adding regulations.

Thankfully, we have a Republican president who prides himself on prioritizing the economy, business, and jobs. President Trump is proving yet again that he refuses to allow foreign powers to act maliciously toward our country while he works to restore what was lost. He’s truly an example of “America First” all the way and he shows daily that he’s willing to act in our best interests.