You’ve got to love our president. He simply does not care about hurting people’s feelings.

In the colloquialism of today’s youth, Trump has “no chill.” Conservatives absolutely love the refreshing change of pace from the vast majority of two-faced phony politicians that tell everybody exactly what they want to hear.

That’s why he chose him for the job in the first place.

We didn’t want politics as usual anymore. We wanted a man of action—and that’s what we got by electing Donald J. Trump into the highest office in the land.

He’s one of the most unconventional presidents we’ve had in decades.

While you could never really compare the two, the fact remains that he’s more like Teddy Roosevelt than any of the presidents that have come between the two men.

Both men have been described as brash, loud, stubborn, unapologetic, and driven.

Though Teddy may have been tougher, Trump is tough in a different way—the way coming of age in the New York real estate business can make you.

Taking His Message To The People

One of the strangest – yet most effective – things that Trump has done differently as president has been holding all over the country, even long after the 2016 campaign ended.

No other president in recent memory has done this. They’ve all used their power to usurp the airwaves to reach out to the American people…

Trump doesn’t do that. He goes straight to the people—his people—and he talks to them for more than an hour at a time.

It’s really pretty remarkable.

However, since the pandemic started, Trump hasn’t held any rallies. We’ve all been locked down in order to keep the virus from spreading.

However, the first post-pandemic Trump rally is scheduled for June 19th (this is being written the day of), and it happens to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Of course, leave it to Leftists to try and find fault with it.

Not only did they dredge up the memory of the Tulsa race riots of the early 20th Century (a horrific event that should be one of America’s biggest shame), but they also tied in the occasion of “Juneteenth,” the celebration of the end of slavery in Texas, the last state to implement it after the Civil War.

Unfortunately, 95% of Americans had probably never heard of Juneteenth before Trump’s scheduled rally, and at least 80% of them never heard of the Tulsa race riots.

But if you were to open up social media right now, you’d see that people are acting like they’ve known all about it for the whole time. In fact, some of them a practically experts…

Though, odds are they had no idea about these two points in American history a few weeks ago.

It’s like they really do think that Trump is a racist and that he planned the rally for this date and in this place as a proverbial middle finger to the black community.

He didn’t…

Simply because he’s not racist.

They’re TRYING To Insight Violence

In fact, no matter WHERE this rally would have been held or what day it was held on, they would have tried to find something racial motivated behind it.

They want to stoke tensions and continue to paint the false narrative that Trump is a racist bigot, and they do that because they don’t want him to win again in November.

So, they stoke up anger and outrage in people so they’ll get out of their houses and do something about it.

The Left WANTS there to be a confrontation in Tulsa. They’re practically BEGGING for it. They want to create a situation proving that the Right is full of racists.

Of course, it’s REALLY weird, seeing as Trump rallies are some of the most diversely attended events you’ll ever see (if you watch other news outlets besides MSNBC and CNN).

They want there to be a clash so they can paint Trump as an authoritarian tyrant– and they know they’ll need to sacrifice people to do it.

But our president isn’t having it…

He tweeted out before the event, “Any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes who are going to Oklahoma please understand, you will not be treated like you have been in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis. It will be a much different scene!”

As always, his wording needs work – but the message is simple:

Don’t act like idiots and things will be fine.


It’s doubtful this will happen. This could be a very bad night for both sides – we can only pray that cooler heads prevail.



“Politicians should aim for higher discourse, the media should report context instead of seeking to inflame the public, and the public should not reward bad behavior nor engage in it on social media.” – Dan Crenshaw