After the Queen of England proposed that Parliament implement new voter ID requirements to “ensure the integrity of elections” in the UK, former President Donald Trump weighed in on the matter.

Praising the move to potentially require “anyone who wants to vote in a British election” to show “photo ID to eliminate any corruption and fraud, Trump said “This is exactly what we should do in the United States.”

However, Democrats “want to abolish Voter ID laws with passing their horrible HR 1 Bill,” Trump added.

“All States should pass Voter ID laws along with many other fair and comprehensive election reforms, like eliminating mass mail-in voting and ballot harvesting,” he continued, “So we never again have an election rigged and stolen from us.”

“The people are demanding real reform!” said the president referring to the roughly 75 million Americans who voted for Trump and believe they were disenfranchised in the 2020 election.

Although multiple states, most notably Florida, signed election reform bills into law, the US is far from requiring Voter ID and preventing fraud nationwide.

If more Western countries follow the UK in implementing strong election integrity measures, it could force the US to pass their own.

It is critical that the US acts to protect the voting process, or else risk being no different from governments of third-world countries that are systemically corrupt and fraudulent.

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