If there is one thing that is absolutely certain, it’s that Trump and the people he employs understand the nuance and value of the perfect troll.

Trump mastered the art of the troll DECADES ago…

However, with the invention of the internet and the advent of social media, Trump took trolling to a whole new level.

For those that don’t know, “trolling” is doing or saying something outrageous or hyperbolic, either in person or online, to get a negative reaction out of an intended audience.

You can troll someone with abject lies or the absolute truth told in a funny or denigrating way. Believe it or not, it’s probably one of the highest forms of wit…

And Trump is a master of the art.

He’s trolled everybody from political opponents to world leaders, and the fact that he doesn’t mind getting into an online war with people like French President Emmanuel Macron or the entire communist regime of China has endeared him to the America people.

Trump Trolls Because He Puts America FIRST


Because the vast majority of the presidents that came after Reagan have all seemed content to kowtow to the vision of globalists and have tried (and succeeded) in weakening America’s stance on the world stage.

Trump has done a lot to wrest that control back from the clutches of these evil people, and he’ll continue to do so if given the chance in November.

But as the election approaches, in order to draw more eyes to his campaign, Trump has launched some really interesting tactics in a bid to win a second term as president.

We here at FreedomWire are convinced that he really doesn’t need to do anything except highlight the things he’s already done…

But then again, you have to find an edge in any contest, and Trump has found his lane.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake,” and Trump has simply let Joe Biden, the presumptive DNC nominee, continue to make mistakes for months on end.

And now the president is capitalizing on those mistakes as often as possible.

For instance, Trump just launched what appears to be a joke website called “Truth Over Facts” which his campaign has described as “an investigative website aimed at uncovering the truth behind Joe Biden’s never-ending, seemingly incomprehensible statements during his third, plodding campaign for president.”

Got ‘Em! Hook, Line, And SINKER

Now, here’s the best part…

The “Truth Over Facts” line comes from one of Biden’s most infamous gaffes. The former VP proudly declared that he values “truth over facts” during a campaign speech in Iowa, leaving many listeners confused. For anyone who payed attention, this new website was obviously meant as a reference to the infamous blunder.

However, it seems the joke went right over the heads of most journalists, and they started attacking Trump over it because they think it’s his new slogan.

You can’t make this up, folks.

Daily Beast Editor Molly Jong-Fast tweeted, “How very Orwellian.”

Washington Post and CBSN contributor, Isaac Stone Fish, said, “This is remarkably similar in name to a leading Chinese Communist Party slogan, ‘Seeking Truth From Facts’.”

And CNBC’s Christina Wilkie said, “So I guess the war on facts has a name now.”

Idiots. All of them.

It’s almost laughable that they thought Trump would be this blatant if he were rolling out some sort of despotic misinformation campaign. Either he’s a criminal mastermind who’s waging a secret war against truth, or he’s an idiot who’s incapable of subtlety. Pick a side, Liberals.

The fact that they didn’t realize that the website was named after one of Creepy Joe’s biggest gaffes proves that they don’t DESERVE to be journalists.

The job of a journalist is to dig deeper, yet these people were content to run with what they saw on the surface without doing even a LITTLE research for themselves.

Why?  Because it fits their narrative to believe it was Trump’s REAL slogan.

All told, this means that the launch was successful. It got FREE advertising on news sites, and it made those networks look stupid for taking it seriously.

This is EXACTLY what a troll is designed to do…

And it was glorious.


““Certainly it constitutes bad news when the people who agree with you are buggier than bats**t.” ― Philip K. Dick