If there is anything that the past two years have proven, it’s that a Democratic-run Congress is contentious and inefficient.

Watching Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff stumble around like the Keystone Cops isn’t funny anymore; it’s just sad because their bumbling is HURTING the American people.

Their unhealthy obsession with President Trump has made it so that Congress has a problem getting anything done.

And while they continue to grandstand and tout how much they care about the citizens of this country, their actions speak otherwise.

The Democrats like to fancy themselves the party of compassion. “We’re the nice guys” should be their slogan.

However, while their words may follow this pattern, their actions show a different perspective on their core ideals.

It’s all about power.

They say all the right things, but for all the wrong reasons—and if they could take that power by being honest, there would be a very different political landscape in our country today.

The Democrats say they want to help the poor and underprivileged people of America…

They say they’re fighting for the “little guy…”

Then why is it that they’re dragging their feet when it comes to extending pandemic benefits for out-of-work Americans?

Dems Show Their TRUE Colors

If they TRULY cared about the American people, then exactly why are they even negotiating for what is going into the latest stimulus package?

It’s because they don’t really care…

So, like the veritable superhero he is, Trump is forced to step in once again and save the day.

The president’s administration is being forced to start searching for ways to help the American people and are already looking into “a number of options” to do exactly that in order to offer SOME relief while the Dems continue to stall talks in Congress until they get their way.

Somebody needs to remind the Congressional Dems that they are lawmakers, not kids running around Romper Room.

One of Trump’s senior officials told Fox News that the administration is heavily weighing taking decisive action to help stem the economic fallout from the pandemic, saying, “As the negotiations continue to progress as a snail’s pace, the administration is considering a number of options that might be available without congressional legislative action.”

Trump Stepping In To Save The American People… AGAIN!

Who’s to say what that decisive action could mean at this moment – but with negotiations continually hitting speed bumps as career politicians try to get funding for their pet projects, we just know that, soon, something must be done.

Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said recently, “Those that are counting on enhanced unemployment need to be gravely concerned about the lack of progress. My recommendation would be for them to call their members of Congress and their senators and ask them why they are not willing to compromise when obviously the White House is willing to compromise.”

Trump LITERALLY begged Congress to do something to help the American people recently…

But his requests have fallen on deaf ears. The Democrats are absolutely refusing to budge, and MILLIONS of Americans could soon pay the price for it.

“There are two things standing in the way to a deal on enhanced unemployment benefits continuing. One is Sen. [Chuck] Schumer and Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and the other is a negotiating tactic that puts people at risk,” Meadows continued. “The Democrats believe they have all the cards on their side, and they’re willing to play their cards at the expense of those that are hurting.”

In the Senate—that’s where Schumer is TRULY playing hardball.

GOP Senator out of Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, said, “I was on the floor of the Senate on Thursday, offering to pass something on a unanimous consent basis to extend federal plus-up of unemployment, not the $600 level that has been very disincentivizing for people to reenter the workforce… [The Democrats] said no to that.”

Of course they did. They want that bailout money to go to THEIR cities—even though they’re the ones that allowed “peaceful protestors” to destroy them and want the Federal government to foot the bill.

Johnson continued, “Then [Arizona Republican Sen.] Martha McSally, so we wouldn’t leave anybody in the lurch, offered to just extend the current $600 for a week so we could negotiate and they said no to that. I think their obstruction, their unwillingness to really work with us in good faith … speaks volumes.”

It does…

But the American people won’t hear about it. If they do, the Dems will spin it in a way that tries to make them look like they’re fighting for more money for out-of-work Americans.

They’re not…

It’s dirty politics at the expense of the American people, and Trump may have to do what he’s done since taking the Oval Office: defend American citizens.

He’s the hero America needs…

But not the one the Left deserves.


“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell