During a Q & A at a roundtable with restaurant executives on Monday, President Trump put his money where his mouth is, announcing he started taking controversial anti-malaria Hydroxychloroquine “a couple weeks ago” as a measure against COVID-19. He justified his use of the controversial drug, highlighting how even frontline workers like first responders and doctors are taking it preventatively, suffering no negative side effects. Trump likewise has not been hurt by exposure to the drug, which is a promising sign.

The president also clarified that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine even though his doctors have not recommended it simply because he has not tested positive for the coronavirus.

Dems Fighting A Potential Cure

Although Hydroxychloroquine has been touted by the Trump administration as essentially the cure for the novel coronavirus, it has been under attack by Democrats and some medical “experts” since the day Trump mentioned it. Despite anecdotal evidence suggesting that the drug, when paired with Zinc, has proven to be a miracle treatment for those infected, the president’s critics have run wild with conspiracy theories and fearmongering.

For the President to say he’s been taking the drug himself and still “seems to be ok” is not only a huge endorsement, but also proves the naysayers and their “studies” dead wrong.

However, the media wasted no time in attacking him for going against “warnings” about an “unproven” drug.

While that is to be expected from what Trump would call the “Lamestream Media,” even Fox News’ Neil Cavuto risked his reputation and immediately spewed a dire warning: “If you are in a risky population here, and you are taking this as a preventative treatment… it will kill you. I cannot stress enough. This will kill you.”

Sorry Neil, but that’s just not true.

Is Hydroxychloroquine Safe?

In case you heard him wrong, the President, who is indeed part of an at-risk group as a 73-year-old, just said he’s been taking it for two weeks and he’s still alive and well.

As long as you abide by proper safety guidelines for taking medication, the drug will NOT kill you. But it will kill the Coronavirus. That’s not to say that self-medicating is a perfect solution, but given Trump’s announcement, there’s a case to be made for further research.

What’s the mainstream media more upset about: the fact that President Trump is destroying their narrative, or the fact that he’s trying to push Hydroxychloroquine as a cure that would end their sick pandemic obsession?

Either way, it’s a disgusting thought that the media would rather spread fear through the American public than simply tell them the truth, even if it means losing lives that could have been saved by reporting accurately. They need to face the facts: this is an effective cure, we will get rid of the virus, and we will reopen America.

The jig is up…

And President Trump just called them out in a BIG way.