We said it would start happening, and it has. The violence that started on the streets in the downtown areas and business sectors of cities is now making its way into the residential neighborhoods as local governments continue allowing ANTIFA and BLM to run roughshod over their communities

After starting in the streets of the cities like Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and others…the “protestors” (which aren’t protestors but rather fascists disguised as protestors) have started to slowly move into the suburbs, bringing their brand of social justice to the homes of people that just want to live their lives (because they have one).

That’s the difference between most of the people rioting and running wild in the street and those doing other things. When you have a life you enjoy, you tend to keep trying to enjoy it.

Those that don’t try to make other people’s lives as miserable as their own.

So, that’s what they’re doing.

Last month, a gang of ANTIFA and BLM started walking through the quiet neighborhoods in cities like Seattle and Portland, blasting bullhorns and shining lights in people’s windows.

Imagine you and your family are trying to sleep because you have to work in the morning and you’ve got these morons marching through your neighborhood, using FASCIST tactics to make you get on board with their political ideology. How would you feel?

Here they are in Seattle, trying to use FASCISM to harass the president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild for who knows why…

It’s happening all over the place.

However, it’s the escalation that’s should really have us worried. What just happened in Minnesota should wake people up to how far the Left is willing to go to push their fascist agenda.

A Frightening Escalation Of Violence

A home belonging to Trump supporters Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, was attacked, and there was even an attempt to set it on fire…apparently for no other reason than the fact that the owner had a large “Trump 2020” sign.

One of the owners took to Facebook to share photos of the arson and vandalism of their home, and according to a release by the Brooklyn Center PD:

“Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire, but not before a detached three-car garage and three vehicles were destroyed. There was minor damage to the house. There were no injuries during this incident. Officers and firefighters were able to save the three dogs in kennels and four puppies located in the garage. This fire is considered suspicious and our investigation remains extremely active. The home occupants had a fairly large ‘Trump 2020’ sign that was destroyed, and our officers observed what appeared to be fresh spray paint on the garage before it burned down. The spray paint included ‘Biden 2020’, ‘BLM’ and capital letter ‘A’ with a circle around it [the Anarchy symbol].”

And when the police say that the fire is “considered suspicious,” they mean they’re investigating it for arson—which should ALSO count as attempted murder since the residents were home at the time.

There is something else that they’re ignoring…

If the home was attacked because the owner is a Trump supporter (the reason we all suspect), then it should qualify as a “hate crime” and if the people who are responsible are caught, they should be tried and sentenced as such.

These people aren’t playing games…

They’re actively trying to destroy property and lives, and if they’re allowed to continue down this path, people are going to get hurt.

This is the beginning of something bad…

And if it’s not nipped in the bud, it’s going to grow beyond our control.

Ronald Reagan was right…


“If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” – Ronald Reagan