In modern American history, lasting peace in embattled regions like the Middle East and Africa has seemed like an unrealistic and impossible goal considering our deep conflict with places like Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, not to mention the preexisting conflicts in the regions.

But in 2020, America is far past the pro-war era of the 1990s and 2000s, in which we rightfully responded to terrorist attacks but wrongfully perpetuated endless wars.

Under the foreign policy of the Trump Administration, otherwise known as the Trump Doctrine, America is leaving endless wars that are responsible for unnecessary American casualties and increased national debt.

President Trump has re-strengthened America’s position as the leader of the Free World, doing the impossible of achieving peace with Muslim-majority countries that have attacked the United States and close ally Israel.

Over the weekend, the president achieved his fourth peace deal within the past three months alone. On Friday, Trump announced that the African nation of Sudan has historically agreed to normalize relations with Israel.

The president tweeted, “HUGE win today for the United States and for peace in the world. Sudan has agreed to a peace and normalization agreement with Israel!” along with a joint statement from the United States, Israel, and the new government of Sudan.

“With the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, that’s THREE Arab countries to have done so in only a matter of weeks. More will follow!” the president vowed.

This comes just days after the president negotiated a $335 million dollar settlement with the Republic of Sudan for victims of the 1990s Osama bin Laden-led attacks on the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Once the money is deposited into an escrow account, Sudan will be removed from the US State Sponsors of Terrorism list.

Sudan once harbored terrorist Osama bin Laden during the 1990s when he conducted the attacks on American diplomats. However, now that a civilian-military government rules the country as of 2019, the country is attempting to make peace in moves toward democracy.

Sudan is now the third Arab country to normalize relations with Israel after the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain also agreed to peace with the Jewish state in September.

The series of Trump-brokered peace agreements also include the Serbia-Kosovo deal in which Serbia historically agreed to move their embassy to Jerusalem.

This is unprecedented. It’s not Trump’s first, second, or even third peace deal; it’s the FOURTH since September alone! The foreign policy feats President Trump has been able to accomplish throughout his first four years in office will only continue throughout his second term if he’s re-elected.